TV & Film Picks // January-March 2017

TV & Film Picks // January-March 2017

Over the last 3 months, I have really been getting into trying out new TV shows as well as getting back into the series which I loved before. So today I decided to start what could possibly be a new series for Steph’s World…TV & Film Picks.

I am trying to broaden my horizon when it comes to TV shows and films, trying to enter into new genres and watch things which will make me go outside of my bubble. Also, it’s great to watch the same shows as those around you for good conversations around the show and sharing your thoughts. Sort of a book club, minus the books 🙂

I will split this post into where you can watch the TV shows and films so you can also watch them if you wanted too…

Netflix TV and Film Picks

Netflix // TV Show Picks

Iron Fist

This is a show which my Boyfriend decided to start watching one night, and I got hooked! It is like watching a film as the production is brilliant. I love the story behind Iron Fist and the build up to the real story line.


This is a show which had me completely hooked! After two weeks I was already at the end of Season 1, which for me and my rate of watching shows was amazing! Each episode is 45 minutes which isn’t too bad and the story has you gripped. I love the twists and turns in the show as well.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

If you read my Monthly Favourite posts, you will know that I love Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It is hilarious and great to watch in the background.

Ultimate Beastmaster

This is a mix between Gladiators (the 90s TV show not the film) and also Total Wipeout. 6 countries compete against each other to become the Ultimate Beastmaster. It is just a shame that UK isn’t in the show!


I loved Miranda when it first came on BBC and I still love it now! It is just a funny chilled TV show and one which I find myself quoting a lot.

Rick and Morty

An animated TV show aimed at adults. It is about Rick a Grandad who is a bit of a crazy, alcoholic, science geek who goes on adventures which his Grandson Morty.

You, Me, Her

This show is about a married couple who basically get bored in their relationship and then along comes Izzy. They both fall in love with Izzy and want to become a ‘throuple’. The show has you rooting for their slightly odd relationship.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

This show is…odd. It feels like a cartoon environment but the story line is quite disturbing. If you have watched the film, you will know all about the TV remake, but if you haven’t; it is all about 3 orphans who are trying to find someone to live with and escape the evil Count Olaf who is after their fortune.

Stranger Things

I cannot express how much I loved Stranger Things. I was quite late onto the scene with Stranger Things and everyone kept telling me to watch it. My Boyfriend put it on and told me to watch 10 minutes and if I didn’t like it, he would turn it off.

Netflix // Film Picks

Eddie the Eagle

This film was brilliant and was not what I expected at all. It is about Eddie and his mission to be an Olympic champion. It is funny, uplifting and well worth a watch even if you don’t know Eddie’s history (like me).

The Nice Guys

Another film which I didn’t expect to love but found it brilliant. A good story line, great action scenes and is very funny. Also, The Nice Guys it is set in the 70s which is pretty cool.

Gone Girl

This film has you suspecting everyone when Amy disappears. It is a sort of murder mystery/crime film with a twist and is well worth a watch.


I had never heard of Megamind until January/February and I am gutted. The film is an animated superhero/villain movie and tells you how the villain became bad. It is such a great film and is extremely funny.

BBC iPlayer TV and Film Picks

iPlayer // TV Picks

The Replacement

If you can still get this on BBC iPlayer you need to watch it! It is about a woman who goes on Maternity Leave and thinks that her replacement is trying to take over her life and become her. The TV show discusses important topics such as mental health and post-natal depression.

Mary Berry: Everyday

Mary Berry is my favourite cook/baker. Her recipes are delightful and delicious. I have even got the book to go alongside the TV show, I am that obsessed with her cooking.

One of my first blog posts was actually her Very Easy Vanilla Cupcake recipe.

NOW TV Film Picks

Now TV // TV Picks

Modern Family

I know I talk a lot about Modern Family, but I love it so much! It is easy to watch, funny and just…brilliant. They are currently showing Season 8 and releasing them at 8pm on a Friday.

Last Week Tonight

Jon Oliver is a British Comedian over in USA doing a recap of the week’s news (mainly about Donald Trump). It is funny and educational.

DVD and Blu Ray Film Picks

DVD & Blu-Ray //Film Picks

Super 8

A little bit like Stranger Things meets ET, Super 8 follows a group of kids who find out there is a monster/alien loose in the town and try to save everyone.

Let me know…

What have you been loving? Please send me your reccomendations 🙂


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