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Great Yarmouth

Blogger Introduction

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Hey! I’m Kim from and I write about pretty much anything; you name it, I may have possibly wrote about it. Kimberley Jessica is a place for me to write about my life and absolutely everything that happens in it as well as all of the fun and great bits in between such as beauty, reviews and life as a student; of course I cannot forget my baking.

Why I chose to write about Great Yarmouth…

I chose to write about Great Yarmouth as I have recently visited it for the first time for a week away and I recommend it for someone who is looking for a small break in the UK.

5 things to see and do in Great Yarmouth

Canoeing in Potter Heigham

You can go Canoeing for either four hours or seven hours depending on your choice; you’re given a map and all you have to do is stay safe, don’t tip the canoe over and have fun!

Crazy Gold in Great Yarmouth

Depending on your experience this will either take you one hour, half an hour or you could be there for absolutely ages. If you’re like me then it will take a lot longer if you hit the ball so hard it flies off somewhere.

Arcades and fun around Hemsby

I absolutely loved strolling around Hemsby, going in and out of the arcades and having a walk across the beach with an ice cream in my hand. A great way to pass a few hours.

A Day in the City of Norwich

Pokemon hunting made this so much better.

If you’re bored of the standard day by the sea, head on over to Norwich to have a walk around shopping centres for hours on end. We spent this time Pokemon GO hunting.
Great yarmouth - Norwich Cathedral

A day in the sea in Lowestoft

One of my favourite days was spent in Lowestoft, not only is there a heck load of shops, but the beach is absolutely beautiful; you could spend hours there.

Great yarmouth - Lowestoft Beach

Kimberley’s Recommendation for Food & Drink in Great Yarmouth

Caister Kebabs (If you fancy a takeaway).

A map of things to do in Great Yarmouth…

Thank you to Kimberley for taking part in the Travel in the UK Guest Blogger Series. You can catch up with the rest of the series on Steph’s World.

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