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Blogger Introduction

Travel in the UK - Stephs World - Glasgow - Charlene McElhinney

My name is Charlene McElhinney and I’m a 20 (almost 21) year old blogger and poet from Glasgow (three guesses to which place I’m writing about!).

I love writing about absolutely everything & anything and call myself a ‘lifestyle’ blogger as I predominately write about what I’m up to with my life and places I’ve been, things I’ve seen and what’s going on in my head. Writing is one of my greatest therapies and I can’t wait to go to University in September and study a Creative Writing, English Studies and Journalism course! Anyway enough about me: More about Glasgow!
Travel in the UK - Stephs World - Glasgow - Charlene McElhinney

Why I chose to write about Glasgow…

I’ve chosen to write about Glasgow because it’s all I’ve really known. I don’t live directly in the city but I still come under Glasgow. Whenever I’m going on a cinema trip, studying, shopping or meeting a friend for dinner – Glasgow City is always the place to be!

5 things to see and do in Glasgow

I’m pretty much a tourist in my own hometown as anxiety has held me back for years from going out into the world and discovering new places and such! But here are five things I can recommend for you (through my own experiences)

Night Out // The Garage

If you’re looking for a club and a decent night out, The Garage is the place to be! I’ve been to numerous clubs around Glasgow and can only ever be guaranteed a good night, with good music, and cheap drink at The Garage. If you are ever in Glasgow, definitely drop by!

The Glasgow Ghost Walk Tour

The Glasgow Ghost Walk Tour (see Groupon for good deals). My best friend and I recently went on a Glasgow Ghost Walk tour, just for something different, on a Friday night – after getting a decent deal on groupon. We had a great laugh. It was fun and uplifting and also very educational. Plus you get lots of steps in too!

Cineworld // Renfrew St.

This is my go-to-Cinema! My best friend and I regularly go here for mate dates. It’s recently been done up and has V.I.P seating facilities, buffet options and lots of different built-in coffee shops. It is one of the largest cinemas there is and is very modernised and welcoming! You can’t beat going to the cinema – and this is one of the best!

Sightseeing/Shopping in Buchanan Street

Sightseeing whilst shopping around Buchanan Street. The reason why I say Buchanan Street first is because it is such a long street, full of amazing shops, and sights! And buskers! You are guaranteed to find an abundance of talented buskers out on the streets of Glasgow! I used to be one of them! You will have plenty of photo opportunities as the buildings are so aesthetic and if it’s a nice day (which is very seldom in Glasgow) you will be in your element!

George Square

George Square. Everyone has heard of George Square. It’s an amazing area for a picnic, for photoshoots, for meeting friends, for taking a bit of time out for yourself and reading a book or writing etc. You may know of George Square because they filmed the beginning of World War Z here (yep!) and that was some great publicity for good ol’ Glasgow!

Charlene’s Recommendation for Food & Drink in Glasgow

If, like me, you like pub food: There are plenty of Weatherspoon’s around Glasgow for you to choose from. If you want something a bit more fancy there are TGI’s, Tony Macaroni’s, a beautiful little Italian place called Qua (that I love) and so many world buffets too! You are literally spoiled for choice in Glasgow for food!

A map of things to do in Glasgow…

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