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Blogger Introduction

Travel in the UK - Stephs World - Canterbury - Kat Last

Hi I’m Kat, a 21-year-old travel blogger from Hertfordshire, that blogs about staycations in the UK and my travels around Europe and North America. I’ve visited 18 countries so far and I hope to increase that total to 30 before my 30th birthday! I’m definitely biased because I live here, but Canterbury is my favourite city in the UK. Canterbury is where I’ll be talking about in today’s post and hopefully, this will convince you to visit our lovely city at some point soon!
Travel in the UK - Stephs World - Canterbury - Kat Last

Why I chose to write about Canterbury…

I moved to Canterbury for University in 2014 and since then, I’ve fallen in love with the city. It’s not as big as other cities in the UK, but it’s a great place to visit for a weekend away and it’s got so many hidden treasures, waiting to be discovered!

5 things to see and do in Canterbury

Canterbury Cathedral

The Cathedral is an obvious one because it attracts tourists from all over the world. You can easily spend a couple of hours at the Cathedral: exploring the interior, as well as the beautiful Cathedral grounds. If you’d like to hear more about the Cathedral, there’s a dedicated post about it over on my blog!

Canterbury - Canterbury Cathedral

The Marlowe Theatre

Lots of touring theatre shows stop at the Marlowe Theatre for a week or so. In my second year of University, we went to see Breakfast at Tiffany’s at the Marlowe Theatre with Pixie Lott starring as Holly Golightly. It was a fab show and the theatre was so lovely inside!

Afternoon tea at the Chocolate Café

The Chocolate Café is my favourite place to visit for tea and cake. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’ll love The Chocolate Café. It sells Belgian waffles, muffins, slices of cake and chocolate truffles. It’s very popular with both locals and tourists!

Canterbury - Chocolate Cafe

Belgian food at La Trappiste

La Trappiste is my favourite restaurant in Canterbury. There are lots of Belgian food options on the menu and all of the Belgian beers you could dream of (FYI: I don’t actually drink beer, but my boyfriend loves them)! You honestly feel like you’ve stepped into Belgium at La Trappiste! If you have a student card, you can actually get 40% off your food on a weeknight, making La Trappiste such an affordable dinner out option.

Canterbury - La Trappiste

Canterbury Food Festival in September

The Food Festival attracts so many people from all over Kent. Dane John Gardens is filled with food stalls for 3 days over a weekend and you can try local produce from all over Kent. I’ve been to the festival for the past 2 years and it’s a great day out!
<style=”text-align: center;”>Canterbury - Food Festival

Kat’s Recommendation for Food & Drink in Canterbury

Afternoon tea at The Chocolate Café & Belgian food at La Trappiste.

A map of things to do in Canterbury…

Thank you to Kat for taking part in the Travel in the UK Guest Blogger Series. You can catch up with the rest of the series on Steph’s World.

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