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Blogger Introduction

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Hi there! My name is Sophie (hence the blog name) and I’m a 19 year old student studying History and Japanese and my little space on the internet is all about travelling. It’s not just travel diary posts, but travel inspiration and tips and advice to help anyone travel. Being a student who only earns just above the minimum wage, to travel frequently you have to be strategic about it. I try to illustrate to my readers that strategic booking can really make or break a trip, and your bank account. This is why I am very happy to be part of this Travel in the UK series, as there are so many hidden gems in our beautiful country.

Why I chose to write about Burntisland…

I’ve chosen Burntisland as it’s a place I know just as well as my hometown just north of London, but its also a place I return to over and over to relax and explore. I’m fortunate enough to have half of my extended family living here and have visited annually growing up. Burntisland is located just across the Firth of Forth from Edinburgh and is very easy to reach via trains (which take 40 minutes & cost £5) and even Edinburgh airport.

The combination of beautiful coastal scenery, history, and sense of calmness that you might not find in Edinburgh is why I would recommend you all to visit if travelling Scotland. For those who do not live or visit Scotland frequently, it’s a good way to see some of Scotland that isn’t hounded by tourists.

5 things to see and do in Burntisland

Take a Stroll

I’d firstly recommend just having a stroll around the small town, it is very easy to see within a short space of time and public transport although present is definitely not a requirement. It’ll help you get a feel for the place.

Burntisland - Coastal Path

Novelli’s // Ice Cream

Secondly pop to Novelli’s for some ice cream, although be aware it has recently opened and is very popular among local folk! Which is why I recommend a take out.

Burntisland - Novelli's

Burntisland Beach

With your takeaway ice cream (milkshake, waffle…whatever takes your fancy) in hand, take a stroll across the Links to Burntisland beach. You’ll be standing on one of only 5 beaches in Scotland with Blue Flag status. It offers gorgeous views across the Forth and it’s surprisingly a good place to train spot (you’ll see).

Burntisland - Beach

Fife Coastal Path

After a little relax, head towards the Fife Coastal Path, and walk your way to the nearby town of Aberdour. It takes around an hour and once again you will be blessed with lovely views once more, and even maybe some seal sightings!

Burntisland - Fife Path

Aberdour’s Beach

Finally put your feet up at Aberdour’s beach which you could argue is more ‘natural’ than Burntisland’s but it’s up to you to pick a favourite. Sunsets here are certainly a sight.

Burntisland - Beach

A map of things to do in Burntisland…

Other recommendations from Sophie


  • History // Visit the 12th century Rossend Castle, 16th century Mary Somerville’s House and the Parish Church (the first new Post-Reformation church in Scotland).
  • Views // Burntisland Beach, The Binn and the docks are some of the best spots.
  • Nature // Walk the Fife Coastal Path.

Things to see & do

  • Walks //Walk up the Binn for a great Bird’s Eye View of Fife and Edinburgh. Walk the Fife Coastal Path as it grants you many gorgeous views and opportunities to see nature. Also just walk around the town at your own leisure.
  • Visit during the Highland Games to really get involved with local life here in central Scotland.
  • If you want some leisure, take a dip in the sea or visit the Bay Hotel near Pettycur for a relaxing swim. The best budget option is Burntisland’s own leisure centre.

Food & Drink

  • Novelli’s
  • The Bay Restaurant
  • Potter About

Thank you to Sophie for taking part in the Travel in the UK Guest Blogger Series. You can catch up with the rest of the series on Steph’s World.

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