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Hello everyone! I’m Victoria and I’m a lifestyle blogger from Northern Ireland. After a few years of creating then deleting blogs due to embarrassment, I’m now taking it all in my stride. I write about health, fitness, food, travel, wellness and topics that are close to my heart. I recently changed to a plant based diet, I eat a gluten free diet due to health reasons and one of my favourite hobbies is progressing with my fitness.

Travel in the UK - Stephs World - RetroSnowflakes - Belfast

Why I chose to write about Belfast…

I chose to write about the lovely city of Belfast because I was born slightly outside the city and I’ve been commuting in and out every day for college and work for almost ten years now, so I feel like I can give you a little insight on the city and beyond.

5 things to see and do in Belfast

Belfast Zoo

If you’re interested in animals, I would recommend Belfast Zoo! I always find it interesting going to different Zoo’s, especially if I haven’t been to that particular place before. It’s a lot of walking uphill but there’s so many opportunities for photographs from the top that you’ll not mind too much.

Belfast - Belfast Zoo

Grand Opera House

If you’re interested in the theatre, I would recommend the Grand Opera House. It has such a rich history and from the few performances I’ve had the pleasure to watch there, you won’t come away disappointed.

Ulster Museum

Do you like museums? Well even if you do or don’t, the Ulster Museum is the place to go. It’s always updating its exhibitions, it has something for the kids and the adults and it’s always a really friendly, open and relaxing space to visit.

Visit the Park

Who doesn’t love a park? Well lucky for you, Belfast is quite a green city so we’re spoilt for choice in terms of lovely green parks. We have Botanic Gardens in between Queen’s University Belfast and the Ulster Museum. We also have Ormeau Park or if you want to travel outside the city centre, we have the Waterworks just off the Antrim Road (It’s on the opposite end on the road from the Zoo!)

Belfast - Waterworks

Take a walk around Belfast

If you’re interested in walking, I would recommend just walking around the city and seeing what you find. Belfast isn’t a very big city, especially in the city centre so you can knock up quite a lot of steps walking around it without even realising it. My favourite spot is by “The Big Fish” at the Belfast Docks, it’s such a lovely walk and it’s such better when we have gorgeous sunny weather.

Belfast - Belfast Docks

Victoria’s Recommendation for Food & Drink in Belfast

If you’re looking for a friendly pub vibe with fantastic food, I’d recommend Woodworkers. They’re connected with the pub next door (Lavery’s) but I love the atmosphere of Woodworkers a lot more, it’s really chill during the day and it’s one of the places that makes the night during a night out in the city. Plus, the food is great! (Vegetarian, vegan and gluten free are all catered for!)

A map of things to do in Belfast…

Other recommendations from Victoria


  • If you’re interested in Street Art or you just want to know more about the artwork on the streets of Belfast, I would suggest booking yourself in for a Street Art Walking Tour for the afternoon. I’ve personally never been on the tour myself but the reviews online are always raving about it.
  • What about a bus tour? I have never done a bus sight seeing tour of any city (I know, terrible right?!) but I think they should be something we should all do, especially if we want to find out more about a city. I should really start with my own city, shouldn’t I? From the Crumlin Road Gaol, Stormont Parliament Buildings, Titanic Belfast, C.S. Lewis Square, to name a few, you’ll not miss out on Northern Ireland’s history on this trip!

Things to see and do

  • A really fun afternoon includes board games and tea, right? Slightly outside the city in Dundonald (It’s a half an hour bus journey on a good day!) we have Jack Straws Board Game Café and it’s what it says on the tin, it’s a board game café. The staff are well informed of what games can suit you so whether you’re a complete beginner or if you’re a Dungeons and Dragons master, they have you covered!

Belfast - Jack Straws

    • You might fancy a trip to the cinema on your travels but why go see something that you can just watch in your local cinema at home? That’s where the QFT, also known as the Queen’s Film Theatre come in. They’re one of the only independent cinemas in Northern Ireland offering foreign language films, live shows and carefully selected eclectic and unique films that you may not find back home. After that, why not take a little walk around Queen’s University Belfast? One of the top universities that is well known internationally, it’s just across the street from the QFT so you’re getting two experiences on essentially the same street.
  • If you want an entire day of fun, I’d suggest heading to the Dundonald Ice Bowl. It’s a very easy bus away and you’ll get to experience an ice-skating rink that the professionals regularly train in, a bowling alley with thirty lanes, an adventure zone catering for the children called Indiana Land or if you take a step outside, you’ll be swinging for a game or two of mini golf. Talk about being spoilt for choice!

Food & Drink

  • If you look at my Instagram, you’ll see that I love pancakes and that’s where one of my favourite cafés jumps into my recommendations. It’s just a half an hour walk from the city centre on the top end of the Lisburn Road; they’re very health conscious, they can cater to all eating styles and if you don’t want pancakes, you’ll always find something healthy but delicious when you go. Gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free, it’s a winner!

Belfast - Tony and Jens Pancakes

  • Not just a spot for food and drink but its overall experience, St. George’s Market is the place to be on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. It’s a little haven bursting with everything from fresh fruit, meats and fish, fast food, homemade gifts to the quirky Belfast gifts you’ll want to take home to your family and they even have clothing too. You won’t want to come out empty handed.
  • Who doesn’t love ice-cream? If you head up to the Stranmillis Road, just past Queen’s University Belfast, you’ll come across a little independent ice-cream shop called Indigo Coffee. They’re known for their coffee AND their ice-cream, and don’t worry, if you’re plant based like me, they make their own vegan ice cream (Yes, they even do vegan ice-cream!) with coconut milk so we can all have some!

Thank you to Victoria for taking part in the Travel in the UK Guest Blogger Series. You can catch up with the rest of the series on Steph’s World.

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