Top 5 Study Tips

Top 5 Study Tips

Being in the middle of your summer break from School, College or University; the last thing you want to think about is studying. I know over the Summer holidays, I always wanted to switch off from my studies; but sometimes you can’t. This post is a collaboration with the lovely Julia from The Part Time Mermaid who is currently studying for her University Degree. Our collab will focus on my top 5 study tips from a graduates perspective and Julia will tell you her top 5 study tips as a current University student.

Top 5 Study Tips – From a Graduates Perspective

Set a schedule of your due dates

Whether you use a diary, a notebook, your Bullet Journal or post-it notes around your room, it is always good to make sure you have all your assignment due dates wrote down so you can always refer back to them.

I was always so worried about missing my deadlines as in University, they will cap your marks to just a pass if you submit late or need to resit.

Arrange to study with friends

I always found it helpful to study with my friends. We used to grab a study room in the library, a table or even a spot in a local park to sit down and study together. When one of you starts to lack motivation, having someone there to pick you up is always a blessing.

Do extra reading

You’ve had a long hard week or day and the last thing you want to do is extra reading. Trust me though, it does help. It makes your next session a little easier as you know that¬†information already. Also, studies have said that if you read before you go to bed, then you will remember the information easier.

Plan your day effectively

There is nothing I hate more than a wasted day. I always liked to know what I was needing to work on for the day and what I wanted to achieve by the end of the day. This way my day was productive and I didn’t feel like all I did was watch YouTube videos or TV.

Prepare food in advance

If you know you need to focus flat out on something or that you have a busy day ahead, prepare yourself some lunch and snacks. You can use it to reward yourself by completing a section and then having some food. Also, it saves you stressing about what you’re going to eat.

Top 5 Study Tips РFrom a University Students Perspective

So they were my top 5 study tips. I hope they will help you too with your studies. If you want another 5 tips from the perspective of a current University student, head over to Julia’s post.

What helps your studies?

Let me know in the comments below what helps/helped you to study.


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