Top 10 Christmas Movies

Top 10 Christmas Movies

One of the things I love about Christmas are Christmas films! There is nothing better than watching films from your childhood, films that make you believe in the magic of Christmas or films which you can get cosy to with a cup of Hot Chocolate and a blanket. Here are my Top 10 Christmas Films.

I have also done a blogpost all about my favourite Christmas Songs and a free playlist which you can use on Spotify.

Christmas Movies

1) Elf

Elf has got to be my all-time favourite Christmas film! If you haven’t seen Elf, Will Ferrell plays Buddy the Elf who find out he isn’t actually an Elf and sets out on a mission to find his real Dad in New York. I saw the theatre version of this film and it was equally as magical.

2) The Santa Clause 1, 2 & 3

Ok, I cheated. I couldn’t pick just one of these films, but if I’m honest, I do tend to watch them in a day all together. Tim Allen takes over the role of Santa and it follows the story of him becoming Santa. It brings back so many good Christmassy memories for me.

3) Harry Potter

Yeah, technically not Christmas films; but in my defence, there is a massive theme of Christmas that runs through the Harry Potter films. It is always snowing in Hogwarts and the magical feel just makes Harry Potter a great film series to binge watch. If you wanted to take it one step further, you could always visit the Harry Potter Studios, Hogwarts in the Snow special.

4) Christmas with the Kranks

Another Christmas film starting Tim Allen (he sure loves a Christmas movie) and joined by Jamie Lee Curtis. The story of this film is that their daughter is away for Christmas so they decide not to decorate the house, but the neighbours aren’t happy about it. When their daughter calls to say she is going to actually come home for Christmas, it all starts to go pear-shape.

5) The Holiday

Cameron Diaz (USA) and Kate Winslet (UK) are both heartbroken and want to escape for the Christmas season. They decide to house-swap for Christmas and both end up meeting new people.

6) Love Actually

Love Actually tells the story of 10 people and their journey through romance, upset and heartbreak.

7) The Snowman

I’m sure everyone has seen The Snowman. This is classed as a film, but it’s only 30 minutes long. It tells the story a boy who builds a snowman and the snowman comes to life and they go on an adventure.

8) Frozen

Is this classed as a Christmas film really? I’m not too sure if I’m honest, but I love Frozen especially around Christmas time. Do you want to build a Snowman?

9) A Christmas Carol (1984)

Everyone knows the story of A Christmas Carol as it has been done in so many forms of film and theatre shows. The classic story by Charles Dickens about Ebenezer Scrooge and how miserable he is, and that on Christmas Eve Scrooge gets visited by 3 ghosts, the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future. Bahhh, Humbug!

10) Miracle on 34th Street (1994)

Set in New York, a department store hire a new Santa who believes he is actually Santa Claus. A classic film and story that almost everyone knows and loves. It is such a feel good Christmas family film.

What’s Your Favourite Christmas Film?

Do you have a favourite Christmas film? It is listed here or do you have any recommendations? Please let me know in the comments below or on Twitter or Instagram.


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