Box Frame DIY // Theatre Ticket LED Display Wall Art

Box Frame DIY // Theatre Ticket LED Display Wall Art

Today I have decided to do something a little bit different on Steph’s World and enter the world of Craft and DIY! Here is a Photo Box which I made recently to store a few of my favourite Theatre Tickets in and have them on show in my bedroom.

Why I decided to make it…

As many of us bloggers do, I was scrolling my way through Pinterest a few months ago and was admiring all the home decor and getting inspiration to redo the things I have up on my wall.

I currently have a bit notice-board which I stole from the Kitchen wall about 5 years ago, completely full tickets, photos, keyrings and anything else I have collected and wanted to store on my ‘memory board’.

As I have grown-up, I have fallen out of love with this style and wanted to try something a bit more sophisticated and well…blogger worthy. So here is how I have achieved one bit of my new wall art, my DIY Theatre Ticket Photo Box (with fairy lights).

What you will need…

The things which you will need to recreate this are:

  • Deep Box Frame 30cm x 30cm – Hobbycraft // £5 – on offer
  • Fairy Lights – Primark // £4 (you will also need batteries)
  • Backing Paper of choice – Mine was from Paperchase // I think it was £1.50 for a sheet
  • Mini Pegs – Hobbycraft // £1.20 for 50
  • Double sided tape or glue
  • Scissors

How to make it…

Step 1 // Backing the Board

The first thing you need to do is back the board for the background of the frame. I used double sided sticky tape and outlined all of the wood board. I then lined it up onto the back of the sheet of decorative paper and then cut around the outside making sure it is cut flush to the board.

Backing Paper

Final result once backed

Step 2 // Attaching the LED Lights

I was originally going to be using string or ribbon, or even a small chain which I found in Hobbycraft’s ribbon section but just lacked that ‘wow’ factor I was going for. I then thought about my new love of fairy lights and decided to head to Primark to pick up this copper/rose gold wired lights.

Inside the box frame, a wooden thin frame pops out. Take this out of the frame and then wrap the lights around the frame. This took me a few attempts to position it the way I wanted. I also had to think about where I needed the wire to exit as the battery pack will sit on top of a cupboard. Also, be careful not to get any lights trapped on the outside of the frame or it may not slot back in properly. To avoid this, I twisted the wire a few times on the outside of the frame.

Because I was working with a wire rather than a normal fairy light, I did not have to secure the lights down.

Step 3 // Putting the Tickets into the Frame

Slot your lights and frame back into the actual frame making sure it fits perfectly and the wire is sitting where it needs to be to allow the battery pack to sit right.

Then position where you want the tickets to be inside the frame, putting some lights in front of the tickets and some behind to allow differentiation.

Then secure the tickets by adding a mini peg or two to each ticket.

Theatre Tickets and LED Lights

Insert your theatre tickets and secure with mini pegs


Just pop the back into position, make sure the tickets look fabulous and there you go. Switch on the fairy lights and there you have it, a special way to treasure you Theatre memories!

Theatre Ticket LED Display Wall Art

It was really easy to make and took less than half hour to do from start to finish.

Will you be recreating this? Also, what would you like to display? Would it be Theatre tickets, cinema tickets or something else?


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