The Lion King – London West End Theatre Review

The Lion King – London West End Theatre Review

Where do I start with The Lion King? I am completely speechless after watching this wonderful show!

Back in July, I found out that my boyfriend had arranged for us to go down to London to see a show which I longed to see, The Lion King. I actually cried with joy when I found out as it has been a show which I wanted to see for many years.

A Little About The Lion King

If you haven’t seen The Lion King, the show is about a Lion Cub called Simba who is heir to the throne. His Uncle, Scar, is very upset about Simba’s birth as he then is unlikely to become King unless something was to happen to Mufasa (Simba’s Dad) and Simba.

The Lion King takes you on a journey of Simba growing up being heir to the throne and accepting his responsibility.

The theatre show is adapted by the film but also extended due to theatre shows running times being longer. The theatre adaptation has adopted new songs which were created after the film, which fit perfectly into the show.

My Thoughts on the Show

Where do I start? The theatre (Lyceum) is just stunning. The theatre is thin like most other West End Theatre’s and is quite tall. I was lucky enough to sit in the premier seats (Row K, Stalls on the aisle) and the view around the whole theatre was just amazing! The details on the balconies were gorgeous with Cherubs on and what looked like vines running up the walls. There were drummers in the balcony boots which was fantastic to watch throughout the show.

The animal costumes where truly mesmerising and the actors inside them made the characters (and animal) come to life. You really do get lost in the magic of the show and believe that these actors really aren’t there and that Rhino, Bird or Lion is there in the room with you.

The musical numbers were in turn heartfelt, funny and uplifting. In a few of the songs I had tears in my eyes, more than once.

My favourite character in the show has to be Rafiki. Unlike the film, Rafiki is represented as a female and it just fits perfectly into the theatre show. She is strong, powerful, spiritual and funny.

The whole show was truly fantastic and I would recommend it for the whole family. Children will love the costumes, music and whole story and as an adult, you will truly appreciate the underlying story of the journey of Simba, but also his relationships and friendships that he forms along the way.

Other Information and Review

Review Score – 5/5

Location – Lyceum Theatre, 21 Wellington St, London, WC2E 7RQ

Date Seen – Saturday 15th October 2016 (Evening Performance)

Top Tips – Sit in the Stalls in an aisle to get the most out of the show and the full effects.

Where to Buy Tickets – Disney Lion King Website

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Have you seen The Lion King? What did you think?

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