The Liebster Award Tag

The Liebster Award Tag

If you have been reading my blog for a while now, you will know that I have already completed The Liebster Award back in May 2016 when Steph’s World was only 1 month old.

This time, my lovely friend Pandora has nominated me to complete the questions she has asked me and at the end; I will nominate 11 bloggers to also complete the tag and answer the questions I will ask them. You can check out Pandora’s Leibster Award here.


1. Post 11 facts about yourself
2. Answer the 11 questions that your nominator has asked you
3. Nominate 11 other bloggers
4. Ask them 11 questions
5. Let them know that you have nominated them

Leibster Award Tag // 11 Facts About Me

  1. I can communicate using British Sign Language (BSL), although I am a little rusty.
  2. My favourite colours are Blue & Grey.
  3.  I am a proud Hufflepuff (and big Harry Potter fan).
  4. I love going to the theatre.
  5. I always binge watch TV shows.
  6. I rarely eat sweets/chocolates at home, but have a snack draw at work.
  7. I have never used any Lush bath products, but love their Shampoo Bars.
  8. I go through phases where I love a certain food, but then 6 months later I am sick of it.
  9. I hand write all of my blogposts (note form) before typing them out. Most of the time anyway.
  10. I have recently cut my hair into a bob at Christmas, but still can’t find a way to curl it.
  11. Space really fascinates me and I love watching films set in Space.

The Leibster Award Tag // Questions by Pandora

1. If you had to describe yourself as a colour what would you choose and why?

I think I would have to say blue. I love the colour blue anyway, but I think blue is calming and I like to think that I can be quite calming too.

Calming Blue - The Leibster Award Tag

2. Do you use blog props and if so, what is your favourite?

I don’t really use blog props. When I first started blogging, I got lots of Paperchase postcards and little props, but never actually used them. My blog is mainly for days out, theatre, lifestyle posts which means props aren’t really used.

Maybe I could do with some little gems for my beauty photos like Libby on her Instagram account.

3. What drink do you find most comforting?

There are 3 drinks I find comforting:

  1. Coke / My everyday go-to drink
  2. Orangina / For when I need a sweet kick or when I am travelling
  3. Tea / Something comforting for the morning

Cup of Tea - The Leibster Award Tag

4. If you could freeze time for 24 hours what would you do?

This I had to think about. There are 2 answers here according to whether other people will be frozen in time or not.

If everyone else was frozen in time I think I would be too bored and also would find it creepy to go out of the house (odd, I know). So I would probably use the time wisely to blog, watch TV and sleep.

If everyone was still walking around but just time had stoped for 24 hours, I would get on a plane and visit any country I fancied. I would probably do a tour of Europe.

5. What is your best memory?

I am going to say my first proper day out with my Boyfriend. We went to the Safari Park together and it was brilliant.

Safari Park - The Leibster Award Tag

6. How did you get into blogging?

I think I may have answered this before, but it was a bit of me and a bit of my Boyfriend. I has wanted to start writing more and having somewhere to document what I was doing and what I was loving at the time and then my Boyfriend suggested I started a blog.

From there I started writing content and as he is into building websites and doing all the technical stuff, my blog was live and kicking within a month. In April 2017, Steph’s World turned 1.

7. What is your biggest fear?

The dark. I just hate it.

8. What would be your idea of a nightmare holiday?

I think being somewhere where there was nothing to see or do and had no internet or phone signal. I think I would be bored. I love beach holidays though, but sightseeing is more my kind of holiday.

9. How would you define spirituality?

This is a very deep question and not one I have thought about. Maybe I would define it as there being a greater being or sense out there that gives us meaning and a sense of being. Kind of controlling the way we act, a moral compass of sorts.

10. What do you love most about blogging?

I love everything about blogging. I would say the thing I love the most is the people I have met along the way. The blogging community are like a big family and they are all so supportive. I have also loved the way that blogging gets me out and about. Before I started blogging, I enjoyed going to places of course; but how much detail I took in then compared to now was a lot less. The way I experience things is definitely different now.

Liverpool - Leibster Award

11. Do you practice self-care? If so, share some of your best techniques!

On a Sunday night, I love to take time to relax. I use my Foreo LUNA mini and clean my face, use a Soap & Glory body scrub and have a nice relaxing shower (obviously with my favourite tunes on to sing along to). I then have some dinner, get into bed and chill out watching TV. I love to make Sunday nights time to relax ready for work on Monday.

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My questions to you are…

  1. Where is the most exciting place you have visited?
  2. In your spare time, what do you do?
  3. What is your favourite TV series right now?
  4. Do you have any trips planned this year?
  5. What habit do you find the most annoying?
  6. Do you have a favourite outfit which you wear over and over again?
  7. If you could eat in any restaurant right now, where would it be?
  8. How do you come up with blogpost ideas?
  9. How do you take your blog photographs?
  10. Do you think there is pressure to achieve good stats on your blog?
  11. Has blogging helped you in everyday life?

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