Meet Teddy // Our New Poochon Puppy

Meet Teddy // Our New Poochon Puppy

Hi everyone, and welcome to my first blogpost of 2018. If you follow me over on Twitter or Instagram, you will probably know that we are having a new addition to the family, Teddy; our Poochon Puppy.

I am planning on doing a post every month on Teddy, following his adventures and how he is getting along in his new forever home.

About Teddy


As of today (28th January 2018), Teddy is 10 weeks old. He is still currently with his breeder until he is 10 weeks old, which is the recommended age for puppies to be separated from their Mum. Teddy will have had both injections (at 8 weeks old and 10 weeks old) by the time he comes to us and will also have had 2 health checks and been microchipped.Teddy’s Mum gave birth to a litter of 8 puppies, 4 boys; 4 girls, 4 cream/apricot puppies and 4 black/white puppies. His Mum is a Bichon Frise (white) and his Dad is a Miniature Poodle (rusty colour). Both his Mum and Dad have wonderful and calming personalities, which we are hoping Teddy will also have.

From the litter of puppies, Teddy seems to be the darkest cream/apricot puppy and we think he may have a similar colour to his Dad. He will be full of curls and will be gorgeous.

He’s Going to be Spoilt!

Oh dear, we already know he’s going to be spoilt! Teddy will be coming to be part of my family and will live with my Mom, Dad, Me, my Boyfriend Matt and our 2 cats; Ash & Sooty. My Grandparents also live very close; so Teddy will be getting to spend some quality time with them as well.


As I mentioned, Teddy will have 2 older brothers in the form of our Cats. I’d be lying if I didn’t say we are a little nervous about this. Our Cats are quite nervous; but when we have had a little puppy in the house before, they seemed to accept him and were playing together. Something we hope will happen with Teddy. We will be giving both the puppy and cats their own space and they will not be forced to interact until they feel comfortable.

We feel that the Cats will rule Teddy, which will be fine as Teddy is the new addition to the family. Watching Teddy interact with his siblings, he looks like he will be happy to show the ropes of the house by the Cats. Here’s hoping they will be good friends soon!

Our focus for the first month

There are a few things that we will be focusing on with Teddy’s transition into being the only Puppy in the house and his training. These include:

  1. Taking Teddy for a health check with our vets – Something which is highly recommended to us.
  2. Taking Teddy to school (aka. Puppy Training Classes).
  3. Toilet training – a must!
  4. Training him basic commands such as ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ which will help keep him safe.
  5. Socialising him with other Puppies, Dogs, Cats and Humans.
  6. Making sure he will get along with our Cats.
  7. Crate training – We are hoping that Teddy will enjoy being in his crate. It will keep him safe at night.
  8. Making sure he can be alone for short periods of time to prevent separation anxiety – for us and him.
  9. Going out on walks and letting him explore his surroundings.
  10. Making sure Teddy has lots of cuddles, kisses and love.

Monthly Series

I hope you enjoyed this little introduction to Teddy and will come back to see his progress over the next few months 🙂

Do you have a dog and any tips for a first-time dog owner? I would appreciate any help and advice 🙂

Teddy also has his own Instagram which will be full of photos and videos of our adventures together.


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