Poorly Teddy & Snow Day // Pupdates

Poorly Teddy & Snow Day // Pupdates

Teddy is now 19 Weeks old and has been part of the family for 2 months. Unfortunately this month, Teddy has been a poorly little puppy. He has been having some tummy troubles. We took him to the vets who did a few tests on Teddy and he was put on a course of antibiotics to treat Campylobacter.

A few facts about Campylobacter

40-50% of puppies 6 months old or younger are most likely to get Campylobacter or even just carry the infection. This then can be passed on from puppies and dogs to others as well as to humans. Campylobacter is a bacterial infection which has symptoms such as: Fever, Vomiting, trouble going to the toilet, loss of appetite and enlarged lymph nodes. Us humans will usually experience symptoms of food poising though.

Teddy is being treated with a course of antibiotics and is not allowed to come into contact with other dogs on his travels; just in case he passes anything or picks anything else up. Something Teddy is upset about as he loves to greet his fellow companions on his walks.

Snow Day

In March, we got snow, so obviously, Teddy and I headed outside for a little photoshoot. He loved running around in the snow; digging his face into it and chasing me up and down the garden. We had to wrap him up in a towel when we got back into the house as he was ever so chilly and does not like cold and wet paws. Here are some of the photos we took on our Snow Day.


Teddy’s First Canal Experience

This month we have been trying to expose Teddy to new sounds, smells and sights. As we live very close to the canal and some locks and this will probably be where we walk Teddy a lot when he is older, we decided to start showing him the area.

We took a walk to the locks and stood there for 20 minutes with Teddy – also an excuse to have puppy cuddles – and waited for a narrow boat to pass through the locks. Teddy experienced the sound of the locks filling and the sounds which come with it. He was a little worried at first but was soon fine with it.

Progress with Teddy’s goals for March

As he’s been poorly, a few things have had to be put on hold this month. Here is how we have done with Teddy’s goals this month…

  1. Go to school – We have had to postpone this for another month until Teddy is clear and able to attend his puppy training.
  2. Meet up with our friends and family with Dogs! – Another thing which we have had to postpone due to Teddy being poorly.
  3. Try and work on Teddy’s relationship with our Cats – Our Cats have also had to be tested for Campylobacter (don’t worry). Teddy is still chasing the cats, but he is a little better. He regularly goes to lick Sooty on the head; who seems to accept it well.
  4. Be able to leave Teddy alone for short periods of time – We haven’t wanted to leave Teddy this month due to him been poorly.
  5. Have Teddy come back to us when on walks (using his extender lead) – Another goal which we couldn’t do as we needed to keep a close eye on Teddy on our walks.


Goals for April

Once again, I will be setting Teddy the same goals as for March and here’s hoping we meet some this month.

I hope you have enjoyed this little update of Teddy 🙂 If you also have a puppy or a dog which you blog about, please leave your link below so I can have a little read.


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