Our First Summer with Teddy // Pupdates

Our First Summer with Teddy // Pupdates

We are now through our first Summer with Teddy, and it has been a tough one! The heat has been incredible; so much that Teddy hated it! He was unable to go outside until the sun had slowly disappeared, or when the heat had dropped – and to him, it was torture – to us, it was unbearable!

With that being said though, we had some great evening walks – even if they made us alert when it was time to go to bed, and we even had a few lovely days out.

Here are some of the things we have been up to…

Summer 2018

Stayed Local

As it has been so hot over the summer, it has been difficult to go out and about. We decided to go on evening walks when it was a little bit cooler and stayed locally, making sure to take Ted’s bottle of cool water.

Got a Paddling Pool

What is the best way to cool off in Summer? We picked up a dog paddling pool from Amazon and put it up in our back garden. At first, Teddy didn’t know what to do, but once he figured it out; he loved splashing about in the water.

Been on Holiday

One thing that Ted loves is a holiday! Oh; he does love to be beside the seaside!

He loves to go an meet his big friends – the Donkey’s as well as licking/kissing them 🙂

Had my Groom

Groom // Summer Pupdate

“Getting my hair cut”

With Poochon’s, they do not shed. Great for those with allergies! One downside is that they do need to be groomed every 6 weeks. Ted goes like a cloud once he gets groomed, and smells just like baby powder 🙂

Groom // Summer Pupdate

Before & After

Reunited with my Family

On Facebook, we still connect with Teddy’s breeder as well as his Brothers, Sisters, Half Siblings, cousins etc. We went for a big walk with his family and he loved it. They all had so much fun and Teddy got to walk with his litter Brother, Milo; who he loves so much.

Started Puppy Plus Classes

Since Teddy graduated his Puppy classes, he has been waiting to go back to school. Whenever we used to walk past, he would pull us to the door and sit outside his school ready to go in.

Puppy School // Summer Pupdate

He has now done 5 weeks of his next course and is really enjoying it. Hopefully, he will stop being so excited and will get 1st position haha.

Celebrated by BFFs 1st Birthday

Teddy went to his first Birthday party, for his friend; Darcy. They had a fun time playing in the back garden together.


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See you soon friends…

These were just a few things which Teddy and I got up to over the Summer. We are looking forward to some Autumnal walks, especially Teddy who will love the leaves and sticks.


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