Our First Month With Teddy // Pupdates

Our First Month With Teddy // Pupdates

After Teddy being part of our family for just over a month now, we are learning what is truly like to be Puppy Parents.

There has been cuddles, kisses, tears, sleepless nights and endless hours worth of trips out to the back garden.

What we aimed to achieve this month…

Last month, I had set 10 goals which we wanted to achieve with Teddy. Here is an update –

  1. Taking Teddy for a health check with our vets – Teddy has been for his check-up, a couple of trips due to an upset stomach and an impromptu visit to get weighed. He is already a hit with the Vets and the Nurses.
  2. Taking Teddy to school – Unfortunately, Teddy missed out on puppy training this month, but he is due to start this month 🙂
  3. Toilet training – Hit and miss at the moment. On a whole, he isn’t too bad now; but there have been a few accidents.
  4. Training him basic commands such as ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ – ‘Sit’ is going very well and he has also mastered ‘Lie Down’. I am sure he will learn much more in his puppy classes this month.
  5. Socialising him with other Puppies, Dogs, Cats and Humans – He has met so many people who have been spoiling him with new toys and bags to keep his toys in. He has also met up with his Breeder and all the past puppies & their humans.
  6. Making sure he will get along with our Cats – Teddy loves our Cats, a little too much sometimes though. He is so lively and wants to play with the Cats, but the Cats aren’t so sure they want to play with him. He gets so happy to see the Cats and goes up to kiss them with his tail wagging.
  7. Crate training – Well, we started him off sleeping in the kitchen, but Teddy was not a fan. He was crying in the night. After a week, we decided to give in to him and buy him a second crate for the bedroom. He is much happier now and will sleep the night through.
  8. Making sure he can be alone for short periods of time to prevent separation anxiety – This is something we need to work on still.
  9. Going out on walks and letting him explore his surroundings – Due to the weather, we haven’t been able to go on too many walks, but he has been on some around our area, to the local playing fields, up the canal, and has been playing in the snow.
  10. Making sure Teddy has lots of cuddles, kisses and love – This is something which happens on a daily basis! He has to have kisses when you arrive and when you leave.

A little Pupdate

Other than the things mentioned above, Teddy is proving to be a massive part of the family. We have so much love for him, even when he is zooming around; chasing the cats; waking us up in the night; barking at us to get his own way or even when he is having little accidents in the house.

We wouldn’t change him for the world!

Teddy hasn’t developed his personality just yet, but we are hoping that he will be very loving and faithful to us.

We can’t wait for our adventures together.

What we want to achieve in March

  1.  Go to school – Puppy-training is going to take place in the middle of March and he will be on an 8-week programme. We think this will help us a lot at home with Teddy.
  2. Meet up with our friends and family with Dogs!
  3. Try and work on Teddy’s relationship with our Cats.
  4. Be able to leave Teddy alone for short periods of time – Something we need to really work on.
  5. Have Teddy come back to us when on walks (using his extender lead).

I hope you have enjoyed this little update of Teddy 🙂 If you also have a puppy or a dog which you blog about, please leave your link below so I can have a little read.


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