Look at Me Now! // Pupdates

Look at Me Now! // Pupdates

Well, time as flew on and as of today, Teddy is now 31 Weeks Old (or 7 Months). The last Pupdate was when Teddy was 19 Weeks Old – oops!

So Much has happened since the last Pupdate, and Teddy’s personality is really starting to shine through. He is playful, clever, snuggly and happy.

What’s Happened?

As I said, so much has happened; so much that I can’t remember everything. Here are just a few things which Teddy has been up to over the last 3 months…

Puppy School & Graduation

On the last update, I explained that due to Teddy being poorly; we had to delay his puppy school. Once we started going in March, Teddy completed 8 weeks of school and Graduated with flying colours. He was so proud to receive his certificate and will be going to the next stage of classes in August with all his friends.

Teddy's Graduation // Pupdates by Steph's World

Straight to Curly

We have never known what colour Teddy would be, but that has never bothered us at all! His Mother is a White Bichon Frise and his Father is a Rusty coloured Miniature Poodle. Teddy is now becoming more golden across his back and his ears, and where he had straggly straight hair; once we took him to the groomers and his puppy fur came off, he turned into the most gorgeous curly doggo!


Lots and Lots of Walks & Adventures

Teddy doesn’t go a week without going on big walks or mini adventures. He’s been on holiday with my parents, explored the sea, beach, cliffs, train’s, forests, woods and fields.

Here are a few photos of Teddy in some of his favourite places in the past few months…

Meeting his Brother

One thing we wanted to do was keep in contact with at least 1 other Puppy from Teddy’s litter. About a month ago, Teddy was reunited with his brother and they instantly remembered each other. They can’t wait to go and run around together soon.

New Friends

Teddy got to meet up with his cousin, Blue, a month ago and they had a great walk together. They played around and Teddy even got to watch Blue take a dip in the lake to cool off. Teddy wasn’t so keen on the idea but took the time to pose next to the water for a little photoshoot.

He’s Now a Big Boy

It was recommended to us that the best time for Teddy to have his big boy operation was at 6 months old. So that’s what we did. Teddy was very brave and had to wear a surgical suit for over a week after his operation. He didn’t mind though, he loved wearing it and couldn’t wait for it to be put back on him after having it washed.

Big Boy Teddy // Pupdate by Steph's World

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