Strawberry Picking // Essington Farm

Strawberry Picking // Essington Farm

Whenever I speak to anyone, everyone can remember a time they went Strawberry picking as a child. I personally can remember going Strawberry trips with my parents and grandparents.

Back in October, I went Pumpkin picking with friends and we had a great day out. I knew that when it was season again, I would return to Essington Farm to go Strawberry Picking.

Something I have been saying for weeks now is “oh, I really want to go soon”, “when I feel better we should go” and “when I find the time, can we still go?”.  As plans for the weekend changed, I jumped at the chance to take a little trip to Essington to go Strawberry picking.

Of course, I took my Boyfriend – my taxi driver and Instagram Husband. We stopped off first in their cafe for a drink and some lunch before going fruit picking.

Lunch from Essington Farm Cafe

Pork Bap with Stuffing, Gravy and Apple Sauce

We then headed into the field where the fruit picking was taking place. As well as Strawberries there were Raspberries as well as other seasonal fruit and veg to pick. Mainly everyone was heading to the Strawberries though; as there were lots of runs dedicated to them.

We used the opportunity of the strawberry bushes as great backdrops for photos, and I think my Boyfriend did a pretty good job. My posing isn’t so great though – I am certainly not a natural.

How Much did it Cost?

In total for the Strawberry picking, it cost us £3.19! I know, how amazing is that? We usually would have had to pay a deposit to enter the fields, but we didn’t this weekend as the machine wasn’t there. We were given a basket with 2 plastic boxes inside it for collecting the fruit. The man on the stand explained that if you fill a box, it usually costs around £5 and if you fill a basket it usually costs £15.

They weigh your fruit at the end though, so you could pay either less or more than expected.

Strawberry Picking // Essington Farm

About £5 per plastic box and £15 for a basket

Would I go again?

YESSSS! I had such a fun day and we even stopped off at the Farm Shop to finish the day and picked up some fresh food for our dinner. The whole experience of picking our own fruit and being able to eat the ripe and juicy Strawberries for dessert was amazing!

As a break away from technology and being in a field with the sun, it was perfect and I felt very British!

Have you ever been fruit picking? What is your favourite memory?


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