Stratford-Upon-Avon // Butterfly Farm

Stratford-Upon-Avon // Butterfly Farm

One place myself and my boyfriend have wanted to visit for a while now is the Stratford-Upon-Avon Butterfly Farm. On Monday (16th January 2017) we finally made it there along with my cousin who was visiting from Australia.


Parking for the Butterfly Farm was very easy. There is a pay & display car park opposite the Butterfly Farm called Swans Nest Lane Car Park. It cost £1 per hour (£1 = 1hr, £2 = 2hrs) or £6 for 9 hours which we paid. This way we could walk into Stratford center which is only 5 minutes away from the Butterfly Farm.

What you can see

You can see a wide range of butterflies as well as other animals, insects and fish. There are 3 zones in the Butterfly Farm which I will go into more details about below. Pictures can be found at the end of this post.

Flight Zone

As soon as you enter into the Butterfly Farm, you are greeted by hundreds of butterflies flying around. It was beautiful! I love Butterflies and it was a perfect place to lots of photo’s of them up-close. The Butterflies would fly close to you and even land onto you which I found amazing. They were all gorgeous colours, sizes and had different shaped wings.

The Butterflies were well looked after at the farm and they were monitored by the supervisors throughout the trip who would happily tell you about the breeds and also point them out to you. He also pointed out an Iguana which was massive who roams around the Flight Zone.

The Flight Zone is like a massive Rainforest, it is humid, has lots of plants and sections around as well as statues and feeding stations for the Butterflies. There is also a pond with giant Koi Carp’s in and it has a bridge that you can walk over (and avoid the Mini-Beast Metropolis Zone if you don’t like that area).

Discovery Zone

The Discovery Zone is very quiet compared to the Flight Zone. It has a tree where Caterpillars are in Cocoons making their transformation into Butterflies, plants & fruit/veg growing such as Avocados & Oranges and it also has an Emerging Case where butterflies come out of their Chrysalis and enter the Flight Zone.

Mini-Beast Metropolis Zone

This section I had no idea would be in the Butterfly Farm. It housed an amazing display of Ants at work carrying leaves across a rope which ran around the room (in the open). The fear of them dropping on me made my head feel all itchy. They didn’t though, and it was just so fascinating watching them.

They also had Fish, Tarantulas, Snakes, Lizards, Chameleon & Insects.

Pros & Cons


  • They accept Tesco Days Out vouchers.
  • Your ticket gives you unlimited admission for the day so you can come and go.
  • They have a cloakroom for your coats/scarves which you will want to remove as it’s very humid. The downside is that the cloakroom is open in the foyer area.


      • There was no cafe in the Butterfly Farm, but there is a shop where you can pick up a drink.
      • The toilets were under refurbishment when we went. The nearest ones were on the car park opposite.


Adults – £7.25 // Students – £6.75 // Children – £6.25

Family deals can be found on the Butterfly Farm website along with the admission times.

Photo’s from the Butterfly Farm



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