How to Stay Organised While Blogging

How to Stay Organised While Blogging

Staying organised while blogging is essential. I work full-time and any spare time I get, I need it to be structured and organised to get the most out of it. I am so forgetful about tasks I need to do, posts I need to write or even remembering what day a twitter chat is on.

I do have ways and means of remembering what posts I want to write, tasks I need to do that week and even keeping track of all my thoughts throughout the day, but I still struggle to be at a chat on the right day and time. If you know of any tracker of chats, please let me know.

This post is all about the methods I use to keep my blog running smoothly, even when my head is spinning around.


5 Ways to Stay Organised While Blogging


Trello is my life saver when it comes to blogging. On Trello you can have numerous boards where you can leave ‘To Do’ lists or even set them as a ‘mood board’ for projects. I personally have 2 boards, a ‘To Do’ list and also one where I put my blog ideas, list of my drafts, completed, scheduled and live posts. You can move each box from one section to another and can colour code them according to your categories. A public example can be found on my Trello account.

Also, did I mention that Trello is an App too? It’s perfect for on-the-go.


Carry around a small notebook and a pen

This is essential for me. As I mentioned before, I am so forgetful. An idea will pop into my head and within half hour it has gone. I carry around the mini journal which I got from Paperchase in my bag so I never forget an idea. I also write out bullet points for my blogposts into the notebook too so I don’t forget.


Set yourself a ‘To Do’ List

As I mentioned above, I always have to have a ‘To Do’ list to hand so I never forget anything. Whether is is to write a blogpost, to arrange a collab, create a cover photo or to remember to publish a photo onto Instagram, a list will always be an essential for me.


Write in advance

I don’t always get chance to do this, but I do try to write in advance and save them onto WordPress as a back-up. Sometime you may get the dreaded Bloggers Block or lack a bit of motivation, but having a plan B will always help smooth a gap and help you get back into the flow.


Schedule your blogposts

I always schedule my blogpost and also the corresponding Tweet to say it has gone live. I like to set my main blogpost to always go live at the same time on the same day of the week, which is on a Sunday at 12 noon (GMT).

I always seem to be busy around this time on a Sunday, so this is a great way to ensure my posting times are consistent.


Do you have any other tips?

Do you have any other tips for staying organised while blogging? How do you keep organised? Please let me know in the comments below.



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