Things To Consider Before Starting A Blog

Things To Consider Before Starting A Blog

If you read my post about my blog story & update, you will know that I jumped straight into the deep end with blogging. It retrospect I think I would have gone around things in a different, so this is why I have created this post about the 10 Things to Consider before Starting a Blog.

1) Know your focus

I knew that I wanted to do a blog about Theatre Reviews, Baking Recipes, Beauty Product Reviews and Days Out Ideas; but I had no real focus other than that. While blogging, I discovered that my focus was that of a Lifestyle Blogger. The title gives me freedom to write what I like.

2) Think about your layout

Do you want to have just images on the front (like mine) or do you want text (like my Blog View). There are many themes out there for you to choose from on places like ThemeForest, Etsy or WIX.

3) Be consistent

Use the same colour scheme throughout, be consistent with your images and use the same text/images to promote your blog on Social Media.

4) Do your research

Visit other blogs and do your research before you start your own blog. It is a good way for you to get you starting to think about your own blog.

5) Join Twitter, Instagram & Bloglovin’

If you have read my Guest Blogpost for Twenty Something Meltdown, you will know that Social Media is a big part of blogging. Make sure you are able to get the same username (or very close) for your Social Media pages, it keeps consistency (going back to number 3).

Also, Twitter is great for its Blogger Chats which you can get involved in to meet new friends and talk about your blog.

6) Know your audience

Think about who will read your blog. For the first year or so, it will more than likely be other bloggers. Think about what they would like to read and also ask for their opinion. Twitter polls are a good way of judging this.

7) Be true to you

I can’t stress this point enough. As well as writing for your audience, you need to write for you. If it’s something you wouldn’t enjoy reading, don’t write it!

8) Produce a list of ideas

Before I started blogging, I started writing down ideas of what I could blog about. I still do this now as it is a good way to always have an idea for those times when you get Bloggers Block.

9) Schedule your blogposts

For the first 2 months, I scheduled my blogposts for every Sunday at noon. This is something I still do actually. I pre-wrote posts which could be relevant anytime of the year and scheduled them all. This kept me on track and also allowed me time to make changes to my blog.

10) Promote your blog

Going back to point number 5, promote your blog to the max on any form of Social Media. Once people know about your blog, it will get return visits.


Do you Have any Other Things to Consider before Starting a Blog

Is there anything which you recommend doing before starting a blog? Please let me know in the comments below.


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