25 Things I Love About Spring

25 Things I Love About Spring

Who else loves Spring? It is 1 step away from Winter, and 1 step closer to Summer 🙂 Today I wanted to do a little post all about the 25 things I love about Spring…


  1. The beautiful Spring flowers that are around (Tulips & Daffodils)
  2. The gorgeous (and Instagramable) blossom & leaves
  3. The time change into BST
  4. The lighter nights
  5. The increase in my energy
  6. The warm weather
  7. The smell of freshly cut grass
  8. The sound of the birds waking up in the morning
  9. The way we can sit outside in the sunshine at lunchtime
  10. The change from Winter clothes to lighter clothes
  11. The change from Dark Lipsticks to Brighter Lipsticks
  12. The pastel colours coming back
  13. The lighter colour nail polishes coming out in stores
  14. Easter!!
  15. The bank holidays & time off work to enjoy the weather
  16. Chocolate, Hot Cross Buns & all the other goodies
  17. Being able to Spring Clean 🙂
  18. The little Ducklings being born
  19. No more SAD
  20. Creme Eggs & Mini Eggs
  21. Being able to go on walks after work 🙂
  22. More natural lighting for photos…every Blogger is thankful
  23. Going travelling and being able to plan day trips
  24. Planning for the Summer
  25. No more dry skin 🙂

Do you love Spring?

What season is your favourite and what do you love about it? Please let me know…


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