Top 10 – Soap and Glory Products

Top 10 – Soap and Glory Products

Welcome to my first blog post in my ‘Top 10‘ series. In this series, I will cover various topics such as beauty, travel, music, films etc. Today I bring to you my ‘Top 10 Soap and Glory Products‘ which I have personally tired, tested and loved over the years of using them.

So the my love story with Soap and Glory products started about 4 years ago when I received a gift set for Christmas from a family member. The set I received included the original ‘Clean on Me‘ shower cream and I loved the way my skin felt after the shower. I then tried out other variations over the years, receiving more gift sets for Christmas and even buying myself the giant £60 box of goodies which comes out around Christmas time, and you can always pick it up half price after Christmas in the sales.

My Top 10 Soap and Glory products

1) Mascara

My all time favourite product from Soap & Glory are their mascaras. They have 2 mascaras which I use regularly which are the Thick & Fast Flash Extensions Effect Mascara (silver packet) and the Thick & Fast HD Mascara (gold packet). These are both usually £10.50 in Boots.

I find them both so easy to use and usually only need one coat before rushing out of the house. I use my Charlotte Tilbury Eyelash Curlers first and add a layer of the Mascara, and it looks perfect. My personal favourite is the Thick & Fast Flash Extensions Effect Mascara as it makes my eyelashes look a bit more longer, the Thick & Fast HD Mascara is great for adding more volume to lashes. They don’t flake like some other mascaras I have tried and lasts just the perfect amount of time to last a day at work.

Both of these are a winner in/on my eyes.

2) Blush Bricks

Over the years I have tried numerous blushes, including the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Blusher stick which I did also enjoy using. The Soap & Glory Blush Bricks are my go-to everyday blush for a natural and slight glow to the skin. They come in 2 colour blocks, Peach Party and Love at First Blush and sell for £11.

My everyday go-to Blush Brick is the Peach Party one as it great for those with fair skin like myself. It gives the cheeks a rosey glow, but nothing too much over the top. Love at First Blush is a bit more pinker shade, but does still look very pretty.

The Blush Bricks are easily applied, blendable and can be easily buildable to give a more deeper colour. Such a lovely product and they even come with a mirror, so can be easily applied on the move.

3) Hand Food

Hand Food is my go-to hand cream nowadays. I love this hand cream so much that I have the original scent in my bag and by my bed and at work I have the Sugar Crush (Lime) Hand Food. The mini ones usually last me a long time and cost £2.50 each.

They are very nourishing to your hands and leaves them feeling so soft. The product is not sticky like some hand creams can be and once rubbed it, dries very quickly.

These are my favourite hand creams, and defiantly worth trying out; even if you get one in a goody bag for a birthday or Christmas.

4) Hand Maid

This a product not many people know about, but is a handbag/desk essential. Hand Maid is an antibacterial hand gel, I know; quite boring. One thing I hate about antibacterial hand gels is the strong alcohol smell that you get with the cheaper ones, yuck!

Hand Maid is different though. The smell is sweet and does not smell like antibacterial at all. It is like any other antibacterial on the market though, a clear liquid which promises to kill 99% of germs. For £2.50 though, I think I will keep purchasing just to not have the strong alcohol smell lingering around.

5) Righteous Butter

I got my first Righteous Butter body lotion in a set I received for Christmas one year, and I have not stopped using it yet. It is not sticky and glides onto skin perfectly without feeling too heavy. The smell isn’t like I have fell into a fruit bowl either, which you can get from other brands and can smell for hours later.

I usually use this after a shower and it leaves my skin feeling so nourished and smooth. The retail price for this pot is £10, but you get so much and don’t need to use too much. I don’t think I have managed to finish a pot yet. I do have so many spotted around though in different rooms, I lose track of them all.

6) Girligo

I am a sucker for anything that will do the same job as something else, just works in a different way. Girligo is exactly this. I picked it up to do the same job as my Righteous Butter body lotion, but I wanted a more thinner version so I could apply it straight before putting my trousers on for work.

Girligo is a spray body lotion and is more water based, but smells just like the original Soap & Glory smell. It costs £6 and I think it was a great investment. I got me right through Winter and all the dry skin that came with the cold.

7) Sugar Crush Body Scrub

On the same lines of skin care routine, the Sugar Crush Body Scrub is my all time favourite exfoliator. It for one smells so delicious like the summer as it is Lime, but it also is a sugar based scrub, so it isn’t too harsh on your skin. I find it so easy to use and don’t have use too much at a time, just one scoop.

The tub is the same size as the Righteous Butter body lotion and costs £8. I wouldn’t say it’s too expensive personally as it usually lasts me a couple of months as I only use it at a weekend for a paper session. A word of warning though is when you use it in the shower, some water does tend to end up in the tub, so make sure you tip it over to get the water out to save having it in the tub.

My tip is to start exfoliating from your ankles and work your way up to your shoulders, this way it increases circulation and leaves you feeling more refreshed.

8) Pulp Friction

Going along the same lines of exfoliating, Pulp Friction is a recent find of mine. During the week I would find myself wanting to have a top-up on my exfoliating routine (especially during winter), so picked this up after reading a few good reviews on the internet.

Pulp Friction is more clay based exfoliator unlike the Sugar Crush Body Scrub which is a sugar based exfoliator. I find it a bit more sticky and tougher to work with, but for my legs it is great, I just find it personally a bit too harsh on the rest of my body though.

For £8 a bottle though, I can’t complain. It lasts months and leaves my legs feeling super smooth. I love this product.

9) Clean On Me

I have personally got through numerous bottles of this shower cream. It leaves my skin feeling super soft and the smell is the original Soap & Glory smell that most of the products have, so it is not too overpowering. The smell always reminds me of Christmas time, but it doesn’t smell like Christmas. It is just that this tends to be the scent people buy me at Christmas, and I have to start using it as soon as I get a new bottle.

It costs £6.50 a bottle, and I think it’s worth every last penny. I would personally pump the smell of this shower cream into my house if I could.

10) Face Cleansers/Make-Up Removers & Brush with Greatness

Ok, I cheated here. I loved so many products and this would of taken me up to 13 products, so I have decided to round them up into one category.

The first 2 products I want to talk about are the Face Soap and Clarity 3-in-1 Daily Detox and Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk. They are both make-up removers and face cleaners with are just brilliant for only £8, and they last ages, mine don’t seem to be going down yet.

I use them both with my Foreo Luna Mini (RRP £85). The Face Soap and Clarity 3-in-1 Daily Detox drew me in by its brilliant blue colour and pink beads and also was recommended to me by a friend. I enjoy using this, especially in the morning as it smells so refreshing.

My go-to cleanser though is the Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing MilkI find it so soothing, smooth (as it is a cream) and smells so sweet and relaxing. I use this one in the shower and it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and ready for bed. I highly recommend this one.

Before getting my Foreo Luna MiniI used to use the Brush with Greatness brush that has bristles on the one side an a rubber massager on the other. It is perfect for getting in to all the small places on your face and smooths out all pores. I still use this brush and love it.

Have you tried Soap & Glory Products?

Have you tried any Soap & Glory products? What are your favourites? Let me know either on Twitter or Instagram


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