I have been very lucky since I started my blog officially in April 2016. Here are the places I have featured so far:

1st June 2016

Joe McElderry featured a screenshot of my review of him in Joseph onto his Instagram.

Joe McElderry as Joseph feature

1st August 2016

8 Bloggers/YouTubers You Should Check Out – Part 1 (Asia Jade)

3rd August 2016

7 Things I read Online This Month – July 2016 (Twenty Something Meltdown) – 10 Tips for Graduation

5th August 2016

Bumper Friday Favourites (Twenty Something Meltdown)

1st September 2016

Bloggers Favourite Memories from Summer (Iga Berry)

5th September 2016

An Eventful Summer (Womanish Affairs)

Thank You

Thank you so much to everyone who has mentioned my blog on their Social Media accounts or blogposts. I am so grateful.

If you want to know about my guest blogposts I have written, you can find out more in my Guest Blogging & Collaborations page.