London on a Shoestring – 10 Things to Look out for in London

London on a Shoestring – 10 Things to Look out for in London

Are you looking to do London on a budget? Here are 10 things which you should do on your next trip to London, which will not break the bank. These are the places I visited on the UK’s last Bank Holiday weekend of the year, and really enjoyed.

For the Bank Holiday Weekend, myself, my boyfriend and 4 of our friends headed down to the capital – London. If you don’t already know, London is my favourite place to visit in the UK. There is always something to see or something to do in London.

However, this trip to London was a little different to what I usually do in London as this time I didn’t get chance to visit the West End. I know! Shock! I can’t complain though as I had an amazing time with my friends and it was so nice to get to see some places which I never of thought of seeing before.

My London diary will be split it into 2 posts: Sightseeing & Exploring and Food & Drink.

Sightseeing & Exploring

Brick Lane

Our hotel was just down the road from the famous Brick Lane, so we had to take a visit. It is popular for it’s great Indian restaurants, vintage clothing, art work and market. The area is also famous for their Jack the Ripper tours.

Brick Lane

Spitalfields Market

I was pleasantly surprised by these markets. They were massive and housed so many amazing stalls, food places and even big beauty shops such as Mac, Benefit and Bobbi Brown. Needless to say, I spent a lot of money.

Spitalfields Market

Sky Garden

The Sky Garden is exactly what it sounds like. It is a garden, in the sky. It is 106m high and has some stunning views across London. The bonus is that unlike The Shard, it is completely free. Just be sure to book 2 weeks prior to your visit as it does book up very quickly.

London Sky Garden

Old Routemaster Bus – 15

The only chance you will be able to catch an old bus to get around London (without it being an event bus) is the route number 15 between Trafalgar Square and Tower Hill. I got the chance to get on the bus from The Strand to The Sky Garden, and it was amazing. Just be aware that you can only use your Oyster Card on the bus, no cash or credit/debit cards are accepted.

Old Routemaster Bus - London - Number 15

Leadenhall Market

This is a place I wanted to visit, but didn’t set out to visit. After The Sky Garden, we stumbled upon Leadenhall Market (which was all closed up). You may recognise this as Diagon Alley from Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.

Leadenhall Market and Diagon Alley in London

Covent Garden

One of my favourite places to visit in London is Covent Garden. I love the atmosphere here with the great shops, every beauty retailer here and even a great market and food stalls. Perfect to while away a couple of hours in London.

Covent Garden

Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly houses some amazing places to eat, explore and sightseeing sights. Piccadilly has the stunning Eros and TV screens which make for an amazing picture opportunity.

Piccadilly Circus - London

Tower Bridge

An iconic image for London. Tower Bridge is just somewhere I always seem to gravitate back to whenever I visit London.

Tower Bridge - London

Philippine Festival

Underneath Tower Bridge was the brilliant Philippine Festival which we stumbled upon. It had such a great vibe to it, brilliant music and even a beach!

Philippine Festival

St. Katharine Docks

I didn’t even realise that St. Katharine Docks existed until one of my friends suggested that we paid it a visit. I couldn’t believe we was even in London as it was so calm, quite and beautiful. It was really like being at a seaside harbour. When we got there, we noticed that there was a floating cinema festival taking place with deck chairs, bean-bags and even blankets. We was gutted that the film we wanted to all see was sold out!

St Katharine Docks - London

Where do you Recommend?

Where do you like to visit while in London? I am always looking to visit new places in my favourite City, so please let me know in the comments below.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my action-packed weekend in London. Also, be sure to check out my blogpost all about Unique Places for Food and Drink in London.


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