Steph’s Reverse Bucket List

Steph’s Reverse Bucket List

Something which seems to be very popular within the Blogging Community at the moment is the Reverse Bucket List. So today I am going to join the trend and have a look back at what I’ve achieved before looking to the future and completing my Bucket List.

What is a Reverse Bucket List

Well as most of us already know, a Bucket List is a list of random things which we want to do in our life. The things we want to achieve can range anywhere from ‘help someone cross the road’ to ‘climb Mount Everest’. No matter how big or small, it all goes into the Bucket List.

The Reverse Bucket List is basically the same principle but it looks back at the things which you have actually achieved. Things that you may have wanted to achieve a couple of years ago, and you have already achieved them without realising you were ticking it off your mental Bucket List.

My Reverse Bucket List

Today I am going to look back at 10 tasks I wanted to achieve and have succeeded:

Go to University and get a Degree

One of the main things I wanted to achieve was a University Degree. Back in 2010 I started my University journey and I graduated in 2013 with a BA (Hons).

Here’s a photo of me at Graduation…

Graduation Ceremony - Reverse Bucket List

I also have a blog post all about my Top 10 Tips for Graduation if anyone is coming up to their Graduation soon.

Get a Full-Time Job

Just before I graduated I actually secured myself a job. It was a temporary contract which then led to me getting another job which is now permanent. It isn’t anything to do with my Degree which is a shame, but it is still a full-time job which I enjoy.

Set up a Blog

It’s been over a year ago since I set up Steph’s World and I wouldn’t be without it now.

Here’s my 1 year of blogging // Blogger Recognition Award tag which is all about how I set up my blog and rebranding.

Stephs World - Reverse Bucket List by Stephs World

Vist 5 Theatre shows in London’s West End

Something that I have proudly achieved and surpassed. I love going to the theatre and since I was a kid I always wanted to go to West End to see the shows. The shows I have seen so far are Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, Jersey Boys, The Book of Mormon, Elf, War of the Worlds, The Lion King and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (parts 1 & 2).

Take part in a Sponsored Run for Charity

This is something that I have set on my list to do this year. I have already signed up for the Race for Life in July and I cannot wait to do it.

Pass my Driving Test

I passed my driving test back about 6 or 7 years ago on the second attempt. I still don’t like driving though.

Learn some routes around London without having to use a map

Since I first visited London, I have always wanted to be able to navigate my way around London without the help of a paper map or the Citymapper app. I can now say that I can get myself from the key landmarks without the aid of the map. My main route is from Westminster Bridge to Trafalgar Square, Trafalgar Square to Leicester Square, Leicester Square to Picadilly Circus. Yes, this is the route to the West End…I love it there!

London Eye - Reverse Bucket List - by Stephs World

Visit the Harry Potter Studio Tour

Since I first heard about the tour I knew I had to go. Well, I have been 3 times now and looking at when I can go back. Hogwarts really does feel like a second home to me.

Here are my blog posts about the Studio Tour:

The Great Hall - Reverse Bucket List

Learn another Language

I learnt German back in school but can hardly remember 5 words now. However, for my Degree, I actually learnt British Sign Language and I love it. I wish I could learn more and use it more often.

Learn how to Bake

When I was very very young (I’m talking about when I was a toddler), I always watched and helped my Gran in the kitchen with baking and always dreamt that I would be able to bake like her. I loved to make her famous Fruit Cake. It was heavy, full of sugar and butter and tasted delicious and so comforting. When I got older, I started to be less interested in baking which was such a shame.

Jump forward 5+ years when we were sadly packing away my Grandparent’s home, I came across a tatty piece of paper with a list of ingredients and a temperature of 180°c. Nothing else! No instructions or label to what it would make. So I took it home, and threw it all into a bowl; then a baking tin…and I cried with joy when I could smell that it was the famous Fruit Cake. I gave some to my Mom, Dad, Aunties and Uncles and we sat there on a journey down memory lane.

Since then I have loved baking. It is such a shame that I just don’t do it as often now. I do have a Baking category on my blog if you fancy having a look at some recipes I like to bake – including Gluten Free recipes.

Butterfly Cupcakes by Stephs World

Inspiration for this post

There have been a few people who have completed their Reverse Bucket List. Here are just a few:

Have you completed your Reverse Bucket List?

I found this post a great way to reflect on what I have already achieved and made me feel quite positive at what I have accomplished. Have you also done a Reverse Bucket List or a Bucket List? If so, please leave me a link below so I can have a read.

Exciting Project…

Hi all, as a little sidenote; I am doing a Guest Blogger Series in August where I am looking for 30 Guest Bloggers. The series will be based around UK Travel and each Blogger will choose a UK Town/City to write about. If you would like to be involved, please let me know on Twitter or email me.


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