How to Tell if You’re Addicted to Pokémon Go

How to Tell if You’re Addicted to Pokémon Go

On 14th July 2016, everyones life in the UK changed! It was the arrival of the eagerly anticipated game, Pokémon Go. It was a craze that I thought would pass me by, but it didn’t and now I think I’m addicted. Are you too? Here is my list of points to tell if you’re addicted to Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Go has a mixed reputation, some people are seeing the positives, but some people are also seeing the negatives and stories in the news. For me, I am a non-competitive player of the game and I’m in it for the thrill of seeing which Pokémon’s I can actually catch.

People of all ages are getting in on this trend and for some of us, it is becoming a big part of our exercise regime. In some cases, It’s the most that people have ever walked. We should all just be thankful that the UK weather has been on our side during this crazy week of hunting.


10 Ways To Tell If you’re Addicted to Pokémon Go

1) You plan your routes according to how many Pokéstops are along the way!

Don’t say that you don’t do this. I know I do, and I know that you do too. Also, I need to incubate those eggs too, so the longer route; the better.

Pokestops Screenshot

2) You meet up with friends on your lunch break to play!

This is something that I do regularly now. Before we used to go out to for a walk around the quieter areas just to get fresh air. Now we go for a walk in the more populated areas of the city where there are more Pokéstops, Pokéballs, Pokémon and where the ‘Lure’ is ripe.

3) Conversations always lead back to Pokémon!

The other night I went out with a group of friends for a quiet drink in the beer garden to enjoy the UK’s heatwave. Instead we spoke about Pokémon, how much the app crashes and what eggs we have hatched.

4) You’re battery life is non-existent! 

You leave the house with 100% and by the time you get to work you’re down to 60%. ARGH!

One trick I’ve learnt is that there is a battery saving mode in the app settings. If you activate it and then hold the phone by your side, it will dim the screen and still vibrates to tell you when a Pokémon or Pokéstop is near by.

5) You get frustrated by collecting the same Pokémon over and over again!

I’m looking at you Drowzee! In one walk, I can pick up 15 Drowzee’s on average. It is so annoying, just give me a Pikachu already!

Drowzee screenshot

6) Your phones camera roll is full of screenshots! 

I need to show everyone how I’ve somehow managed to collect 49 different varieties Pokémon. I need to show everyone my Lapras and how many combat points he has!

Lapras Screenshot

7) You see familiar faces on your daily route! 

You set your route to visit as many Pokéstops as you can, but so have 100 other people. It really shows how much of an addiction you have when those 100 faces start to become familiar to you. Maybe we should set up a Pokémon Annonomous meet-up at a Pokéstop, and put the lure on while we are there. Well we need to make use of our time and we might get that Pikachu.

8) You fear for your data allowance! 

I go for a walk and then immediately check my data allowance for the month. The last thing I want is to loose all my data and not be able to catch more Pokémon.

Data Allowance Issues in Pokemon Go

9) You give other Trainer’s the knowing look! 

You both know that you’re playing Pokémon. Just glance at them, acknowledge the solidarity and walk away quickly. There’s no time for chit-chat!

10) You’re in denial! 

If you don’t think any of the above points apply to you, you’re in denial. Give it a week and re-read them, you will see they are all true however much we all think we wouldn’t be sucked in by a game.

Have you been playing Pokémon Go?

What team have you joined? I’m Team Valor!

Let me know below if you agree with any of these points in the comments below.


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