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Pandora's Jar of Curiosities Christmas Blogger Q&A

Hi and welcome to Steph’s World & the Christmas Blogger Q&A Series. There will be 21 Guest Bloggers taking part in this Q&A running up to Christmas day. To learn more about this Series, please see my blogpost called ‘Introduction to the Christmas Blogger Q&A‘. Today we welcome Pandora from Pandora’s Jar of Curiosities…

Pandora – Pandora’s Jar of Curiosities

Christmas Blogger Q&A Series - Pandora

Hey cats! I’m Pandora, I’m 25 and I’m currently a student who also tussles with chronic illness and my fair share of depression & anxiety. I’m a northern girl who tends to make up for her tiny 5ft height with huge amounts of nervous chatter, I love anything ‘hippie dippy’ and I’m in the process of overcoming hoarding in favour of a more minimalist lifestyle. I started my blog as a hobby and a way back into writing/being creative since my life took a different path including becoming cruelty-free & getting back in touch with my ‘eco warrior’ side. I hope to use my blog to encourage personal growth as well as learn new skills; I’ve always loved to document things to look back on in the future and I’m hoping to create my own little space on the internet full of my journeys & memories to enable me to do that!

Christmas Blogger Q&A Series - Pandora

Question 1 – What is your favourite Christmas memory?

The very first thing that popped into my head were two extremely thoughtful gifts I received when I was about 17 years old. I’d been gifted a lovely photo frame with a picture of all my college friends in by someone in that group of friends, it was such a lovely and unexpected present that I started getting emotional (which wasn’t at the time something I usually had happen) and then I received Fall Out Boy gig tickets off my parents; I was so shocked and excited I just broke down crying with happiness; my parents were astounded at the sudden level of emotion. Nowadays I cry at anything, even if I just see a cute animal then there’s tears!

Christmas Blogger Q&A Series - Pandora

Question 2 – Are there any traditions you have around Christmas time?

Usually to dress ‘Christmassy’ on the official days and also on Christmas Eve to go round to our family friends and celebrate with them for a few hours. Other than that I feel like the usual applies for Xmas Day: Bucks Fizz in the morning, a Christmas carols CD playing whilst we all open presents, time out to organise our gifts and then Xmas dinner. This year will be my first full Christmas with my boyfriend though, so things may be very different!

Question 3 – What is on your Christmas wish list this year?

I don’t have many specifics, it’s mainly spiritual/alternative therapy themed items like crystals, oracle cards and a tonne of books of course! I may even note down a few Studio Ghibli & Moomin DVD’s to add to the list…

Question 4 – Do you like to wear Christmas jumpers, if you do; what is your favourite Christmas jumper?

Hell yes, mainly for Christmas Day/Eve but it’s almost like a family tradition and I’ve always been a fan of dressing up. I don’t particularly have a favourite as I usually get a new one each year (this years is one I got in summer from a charity shop which was only a quid, bargain!) although I’ve bought some fab Christmas outfits for the other half and I this year!

Question 5 – Do you like to give presents or receive presents?

I much prefer giving presents! I love getting them all wrapped up with bows and nice ribbon and seeing others enjoyment, that to me is more fulfilling than receiving presents myself. I’m quite awkward when it comes to presents, surprises or compliments as I never know how to react!

Question 6 – Do you like the Christmas goodies such as Mince Pies, Christmas Pudding or the limited edition drinks?

I’m absolutely rubbish when it comes to seasonal trends, the only thing I absolutely love is sprouts! They really make the holiday season for me.

Question 7 – What is your favourite part of Christmas dinner?

Think I may have already answered this but I have to say all the veggies: sprouts, parsnips, roast tatties and I also can’t resist Yorkshire puddings!

Question 8 – What is your favourite Christmas Song?

Honestly as much of a grinch I must sound I’m not and never really have been a fan of Xmas songs; naturally I’m not offended by hearing them but I’d never actively choose to listen to them. For me the film ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ is about as festive as I get, I’d link the whole soundtrack but here’s the most Christmas themed song <3

Question 9 – Are you taking part in Blogmas or Vlogmas this year?

As much as I’d love to I’m not this year, but who knows what next year might bring if I have more time!

Question 10 – Do you have anything exciting coming up on your blog next year?

I’d like to hope I achieve more of my goals in attaining a blog that reflects me as a person and the things I’m passionate about. I hope that I’m already on the right track and since I’ve been finding Snapchat helpful for getting things off my chest so I’m considering potentially uploading to YouTube in the near (ish) future, if somethings cathartic then why not?!

Christmas Blogger Q&A Series - Pandora

Thank you so much Steph for asking me to get involved with your Christmas Q&A, I had a tonne of fun answering these questions! xx

Thank You

Thank you to Pandora for taking part in this Christmas Blogger Q&A Series. Pandora is always so lovely to talk to on Twitter and since meeting on a Chat we have become good friends.

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