NYX Lip Primer // Review

NYX Lip Primer // Review

We’ve all been there when we just impulse buy something, right? For me, the NYX Lip Primer was just that. I saw it and was instantly intrigued.

My Initial Thoughts

There are 2 shades of the NYX Lip Primer, ‘Nude’ and ‘Deep Nude’. I picked up the ‘Nude’ as it was the lighter one of the two and I guessed that my lips aren’t naturally bright so I didn’t need the darker nude.

I feel the Lip Primer does actually work and isn’t a gimmick which I first thought it may be. I thought that this primer may make the lips look like when some girls used to add their Foundation over their lips, but it doesn’t which is great.

The NYX Lip Primer works by dulling down any redness in the lips and neutralises the colour of your lips without drying them.

I honestly do see that after I use this Lip Primer, that my lipstick does last a lot longer as well as looking sharper and bolder. My lips also look smoother with using the Lip Primer and makes my lipstick go on a lot more neater.

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How to use the NYX Lip Primer

I have tried to use the NYX Lip Primer in two ways. The first is just on its own like a lipstick. The texture of the Primer in no way dries out the lips like some lipsticks can. The way I like to use the Primer though is over the top of my EOS Strawberry Lip Balm. I usually like to use Lip Balm underneath lip liners and lipsticks as I just like the way the lipstick sits on my lips, but it is all personal preference.

Overall Thoughts…

The retail price for the NYX Lip Primer is £6 and there does seem to be a lot of product for the price. I personally am loving this addition to my makeup collection and would recommend it to make your lips look flawless.

Have you tried this Lip Primer or any other Lip Primer before? What are your thoughts on them?


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