Monthly Favourites // February 2017

Monthly Favourites // February 2017

Hi Everyone, and welcome to my Monthly Favourites for February¬†2017. We are so close to Spring now, and I seriously cannot wait for the brighter nights to come. I hope you have all been having a great February ūüôā

For me, January unexpectedly very busy but it was great! February was time for me to chill out more and focus on getting some chill days as well as catching up on my sleep. I know, I sound really old (and I am only mid-20s).

What has happened this month:

  • I fell back in love with Birmingham and loved exploring more to find new places such as the Custard Factory which is worth a visit if you’re ever around.
  • Had some chilled out weekends catching up on films I have missed such as Gone Girl, Big Hero 6, Eddie the Eagle, Nice Guys, Super 8, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter (I love re-watching them) and Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping (as I now love Andy Samburg).
  • I got some new beauty products such as the Clinique: Sculptionary Cheek Contouring Pallette, Clinique Lipsticks and also the Collection Nude Rose Eyeshadow Pallette. I will do reviews on these soon.
  • I am counting down the days until I go to London in March and also until I go to the Harry Potter Studios to go into the Forbidden Forest in April.
  • I got my iPhone 6s battery sorted out at the Apple Genius Bar. They ended up giving me a new iPhone 6s to replace my old phone as I had a battery which serial number was recalled. I was thinking of doing a ‘What’s on my iPhone’ – please let me know if this is something you would like to see please.

Monthly Favourites // February 2017

Film¬†–¬†Eddie the Eagle

This is a film which I had seen pop up on my Netflix, but kept scrolling past it until one day my Boyfriend came home and said we should try watching it. Honestly I was completely shocked by this film and I loved it. You really feel for Eddie throughout the film and you are rooting for him. I even shed a tear it was that moving.

TV Show – Brooklyn Nine-Nine & You, Me, Her

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Once again, as you can tell by past months; I get addicted to certain TV shows and watch them continuously for months. I am gutted that I have now finished Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but I am more than happy to watch it again from the beginning.

You, Me, Her
This is a strange pick for me, but I have to say this is a good TV Series. It is about a couple who are feeling a bit bored living in their perfect ordinary neighbourhood doing the same thing everyday. Then along comes Izzy and the couple both start to develop feelings for her. My Boyfriend and I got through the series over the weekend.

Music – Train // Play That Song & Sia // Move Your Body

These are two songs which I have had on repeat since the beginning of February. I really do love them both.


Beauty – Clinique: Superbalanced Silk Foundation

Once again, the Clinique: Superbalanced Silk Foundation has been perfect throughout the the month. The texture is perfect and light and makes my skin look and feel so smooth. I have a full review of the Superbalanced Silk Foundation on my blog if you want to find out more.

Skincare – Clinique: 3 Step Introduction Kit Skin (Type 2)

One thing I have never had (much to the shock to everyone) is a skincare routine. I know, it is bad but my skin is in pretty good condition considering. I have got the trial kit of the Clinique 3 step skincare set (in type 2) which was reasonably priced at £20 for a decent amount of the products. I think I will see how these go and will consider repurchasing or trying something new. Recommendations are always welcome please. I will do a full review of this when I finish the trial kit.
Also, a great thing with Clinique is that the skin types are ranging from 1-4 and on the foundations, it will say which skin type it is suitable for. The Superbalanced Silk is suitable for 2, 3 & 4.


Come on the @cliniqueuk, show me what you’ve got 💪 New skincare routine starting today with these products 💕

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Stationery РInsights Harry Potter Notebook

For Valentines Day, my Boyfriend got me this amazing Harry Potter themed notebook from Insights. It is absolutely perfect with its gold leaf effect around the notebook as well as the Hogwarts logo and it is a leather effect which makes it look like a book from Harry Potter. I am in love with this book that I cannot bring myself to use it.

This notebook was from Waterstones for £13.


Food & Drink –¬†Original Patty Men

If you are ever around Birmingham, I would strongly recommend that you make a visit to the ever so hipster Original Patty Men. It is a burger restaurant located underneath a bridge in a sort of warehouse and it is amazing! The food is delicious and has to bed the best burger I have tasted! They are only open Thursday-Sunday and originated from the Digbeth Dining Club which is a street food dining club in Birmingham. I can’t wait to go again soon


Today we had dinner and the Original Patty Men and it was delicious 😋 What did you do today?

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Place To Be –¬†Birmingham

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that at the beginning of February I fell back in love with my hometown Birmingham. After going to the Original Patty Men and also Custard Factory which reminds me of London so much. Birmingham really can be pretty at times!


Birmingham looking like it could be London 🇬🇧 It’s just so pretty and quirky 💕

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Monthly Favourites – February 2017

What did you do in February?

What did you get up to in February? Did you do anything fun? Do you suggest for me to go anywhere and do a blogpost on it? Please Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter or Instagram.


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