Matilda: The Musical // Birmingham Hippodrome Review

Matilda: The Musical // Birmingham Hippodrome Review

One of my favourite theatre shows and musical soundtracks comes from Matilda: The Musical. I saw it in the West End back in 2014, and I was very excited when they announced the show was going on a UK Tour.

I think everyone grew up with the film Matilda or has a special place for the film in their heart. Am I right?

Matilda is a funny film, but below it all, it is quite heartbreaking. Matilda was unexpected and therefore was unloved by her parents who cared more about her older brother Michael. The Musical version of the film captures this perfectly as well as getting into the comical aspect to make it such a bright and powerful musical.

A Little About Matilda: The Musical

As I mentioned in my last review of Matilda: The Musical, the show reached The West End back in 2011 and has gone onto win numerous awards.

The show is about a young girl called Matilda who was born to parents who did not want her. She is treated terribly at home and on a daily basis has to deal with being called a ‘boy’ and is insulted. Her parents (Mr & Mrs Wormwood) are two very big characters, within the show and personality wise. Her Father sells cars and cons people, and her Mother is very ‘Loud’, obsessed with her looks (not books) and her dance partner, Rudolpho.

At School, Matilda encounters two polar-opposite people, the Head Teacher, Mrs Trunchball who treats students as if they are ‘Maggots’ and her loving Teacher, Miss Honey, who is sweet, kind, helpful and tries to help Matilda get the most out of her education in a frightening school.

Matilda loves visiting her local Library where she meets up with Mrs Phelps. She tells Mrs Phelps lots of stories and tells her one throughout the show about an Escapologist and an Acrobat.

My Thoughts On The Show

After seeing the show in the West End years ago, I was extremely excited to see the show again; but also apprehensive at how good the show could live up to the London version show. I can tell you now, it was just as good!

The show was packed with amazing songs, a great cast, colour, finesse, hilarity, love and passion! I was blown away.

The Children in the show were truly the stars of the show – including our brilliant Matilda. They were always on the stage, acting as other members of the story – other than just the children at the school – and they were all perfect as their role. Their singing voices were extraordinary and I could only wish to sing that good. They knew their parts inside out and could tell they had a passion for the show.

Hold on…how can I go any further without mentioning Craige Els? Craige was the Mrs Trunchball I saw in the West End and I was excited to see how he had developed the character since then. He was frightening, yet so funny. If I was a student of Mrs Trunchball’s, then I don’t think I would even move a muscle with her being there. Craige puts 100% into the performance and has her leaping around the stage, belting out big numbers and swinging children around by their hair.

Mr & Mrs Wormwood (Sebastien Torkia & Rebecca Thornhill) were very much the perfect couple. They were caricatures of the onscreen couple and showed how stupid/ridiculous they really are. They are true brightness in the show – not by intelligence, but by appearance. The musical number Telly & Loud still remain to be 2 of my favourite parts of the show. Telly is very funny with lines such as “bigger the telly, smarter the man” and Loud is extremely high energy with outfit changes and an Italian Stallion, Rudulpho (Matt Gillet). Loud is also very funny with lines such as “I look nice, you don’t” and “No one’s gonna care if you don’t care, so go and put some highlights in your hair”

My Overall Review and Rating

The whole show from beginnging to end was outstanding. I would 100% reccomend this show (once again) to the whole family. The cast, crew, lighting, sound, orchestra and setting was perfect throughout!

Other Information

Location – Birmingham Hippodrome, Hurst St, B5 4TB.

Date Seen – Wednesday 11th July 2018 (Matinee Performance)

Running Times (including interval) – 2 hours, 35 minutes

Top Tips – Make sure you are back in the auditorium a few minutes before the end of the Interval so you don’t miss the song Telly & Lavender explaining the second half of the show.



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