Mamma Mia – Birmingham Hippodrome Theatre Review

Mamma Mia – Birmingham Hippodrome Theatre Review

For my birthday this year, I went to see Mamma Mia at my local theatre, Birmingham Hippodrome. I loved ABBA growing up, so knew I had to go see Mamma Mia when I had the chance. I knew a lot about Mamma Mia before seeing the show as I had seen the movie, which is quite frankly scary at times. No other reason than some of the shocking singing voices.

A Little About Mamma Mia

The story follows Sophie and her Mom (Donna) who live on an island in Greece. Sophie is getting married and doesn’t know who her Father is and one day she reads her Mom’s diary from the year she was pregnant with Sophie. She finds out that she has 3 potential Fathers, so invites all of them to her wedding under the pretence that her Mom sent the invitations.

All 3 of her potential Fathers turn up on the island and that is where the story begins. I won’t tell you anymore as it will spoil the show for you.

My Thoughts on the Show

I thoroughly enjoyed the show from the start to end. It was uplifting and the story seemed so familiar after watching the film.

Lucy May Baker who played Sophie had so much energy throughout and her voice was stunning and suited the role very well. She played the role of Sophie perfectly and really made you believe the chemistry between Sophie and Sky was real. Sky was played by Phillip Ryan who was equally as good as Lucy and a perfect match for the character Sophie. Phillip was so good that I would go as far as saying he played the role of Sky better than Dominic Cooper in the Mamma Mia Movie. Also, thanks to Phillip who posed for a picture for my Mom outside the Hippodrome. I think she was to shy to be in the picture but thank you all the same Phillip.

Phillip Ryan Mamma Mia UK Tour

Sara Poyzer who player Donna was exceptional and her solos were so heartfelt and stunning. Her acting was perfect throughout and was exactly what I hopped Donna would be. Sara really made the whole show come together (along with the Dynamos).

All the cast played their characters perfectly, including the 3 Dads, the Dynamos and the ensemble. Their energy was amazing and the dance scenes were brilliant. I loved this performance. There is a medley of songs at the end which really does have everyone dancing in the aisles.

The orchestra played every ABBA song perfectly! They really made the music come alive for me.

The set was very basic but used to its full extent and the lighting really pulled the set and scenes together.

Other Information and Review

Review Score – 4/5

Location – Birmingham Hippodrome, Hurst St, Southside, Birmingham B5 4TB

Date Seen – Saturday 30th July 2016 (Matinee Performance)

Top Tips – If your seats are at the end of the row, make sure you aren’t one of the first into the auditorium. You will be getting up-down-up-down to let everyone go past. Also, the interval Ice Cream costs £3, but I totally recommend my favourite one which is the Mint Choc Chip.


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