Mac Star Trek Range and Llap Lipstick Review

Mac Star Trek Range and Llap Lipstick Review

While browsing my local Mac section one day, I passed the place where they have their limited edition products. Something that I usually pass by in any brand as the products are usually far too expensive or they have colours of Lipsticks or Eyeshadows etc. that I know I would never wear. Until one day I found the Mac Star Trek Limited Edition stand and instantly fell in love with Llap!

For this review I will split it up into 2 sections: General Information about the range and my review of the Star Trek Lipstick, Llap.

General Information about Mac Star Trek Limited Edition

Whether you are out there and looking for a cosmic look or you just want to add a little sparkle to your makeup collection, you should go and take a look at the Star Trek range as it is just beautiful. The range has so many unique items and colours of everyday products which are just so cute.

The range is a bit more expensive, but this is expected with any brand that bring out a limited edition range; I think. For instance, the lipsticks in Mac usually cost £15.50 and the one which I got from the range has cost me £17.

Products in the Mac Star Trek range:

  • 4x Eye Shadow Colours (all sparkles)
  • 2-in-1 Mascara
  • 3x Light Fantastic Powders (blushers)
  • 3x Liquid Eyeliners (in various colours)
  • Spiky Eyelashes
  • 4x Lipsticks (all frost)
  • 3x Nail Polishes

Mac Star Trek Limited Edition Lipstick, Llap, Review


The first thing you notice with the Star Trek range is the beautiful packaging. It is just stunning with the Star Trek logo on the front in silver, and when you open it, it is lined in silver with black detailing. I would compare it to like a spaceship opening up for the first time and all the lights are shining bright. It is just beautiful and so perfect for the range. Especially if you are a Trekkie.

The shape of the Lipstick itself is the same as the usual Mac Lipsticks, but on the outside it has also got the Silver logo once again and when you close the lipstick, it does seem to be a bit more smoother and luxurious. I am not sure if that is a thing, but it seems to be going with the theme of the range. It is somewhat comparable to one of those soft close doors.

Mac Star Trek Lipstick Packaging

Lipstick Colour

The colour is what drew me in with this Lipstick range. Llap is a beautiful champagne rose colour and is completely frosted. I mean, this lipstick could light up a room it is so full of shimmer. It is a perfect colour for adding on top of another lipstick or lip liner as it adds that little bit of pizzazz for a night out or a special occasion.

I have wore this colour a few times now for some events I have been to, and everyone has said how subtle and beautiful it has looked. The colour has even lasted on my lips until the end of the night, even with eating and drinking.

Mac Star Trek Lipstick Llap

Feel of the Lipstick

Llap (and I can imagine the other colours in the range) has a lovely smooth constancy, which is very moisturising to the lips. I was worried about the shimmer in the lipstick being drying or slightly irritating, but I can honestly say I didn’t even realise I was wearing it as it feels so lovely.

My Overall Thoughts of Llap

I love this colour and it seems many other people do as well; as this lipstick was sold out in my local Mac supplier and I had to quickly get in an online order before that went sold out too. It does seem to be sold out and then restocked a week or so later though.

I would love to also try the other products in the range, but with Christmas coming up soon; I didn’t want to splurge out on the whole range and have no room in my make-up collection for other products which will get released soon.

Even though this lipstick was £17 and a lot more than any other drugstore lipsticks, I would say it was worth the money and it is a lipstick which will last for years as you only need a small amount as it goes a long way. Also, this isn’t a colour you would wear everyday anyway.

Mac Star Treck Lipstick Range

Have you tried the Mac Star Trek range?

Have you tried any of the products in this range or reccomend any other lipsticks which I can try, as I am addicted to lip products at the moment.

Please let me know in the comments or on Twitter or Instagram.


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