Mac Lipstick and Lip Liner Haul

Mac Lipstick and Lip Liner Haul

If there is one make-up product that I am a sucker for, it has to be a Lipstick. Even though I have my regular Lipsticks that I use on repeat, I can’t help but buy new Lipsticks all the time. Mac has been my go-to supplier of Lipsticks recently since I started to look for my perfect Autumn Lip Colour, which has led to my massive Mac Lipstick and Lip Liner Haul.

After my Lipsticks kept wearing off and me being so terrible at reapplying Lipsticks, I decided to invest in a Lip Liner and I love it. My Lip Liner lasts until lunch time which is great for me.

Here are all of my current Lipsticks & Lip Liners which I got from Mac:


Velvet Teddy

Velvet Teddy was my first Mac purchase and still one of my favourites. It is a perfect and natural looking nude with a pink tinge to it. It is a Matte finish and it doesn’t feel drying at all like the other Matte lipsticks I have tried.

The perfect Lip Liner with this colour is Boldly Bare, which you can see in my Autumn Ready Lips post.

Mac Velvet Teddy


This finish of this Lipstick is what makes it perfect for Autumn. Faux is a Satin finish and is very moisturising to the lips. I find that when I use this lipstick my lips don’t tend to crack as easy, as I do find the wind in Autumn to be quite drying.

I would say that this colour is very natural and is very much like my own lip colour, just more pigmented and smooth.

I do love to wear this with the Lip Liner Whirl as it leaves my lips looking a slight berry/brown tone which is my ultimate Autumn look.

Mac Faux Review


I picked up this colour as it was on the ‘Best Sellers’ page on Mac’s website and thought I would just give it a try.

Honeylove is another love of mine for Autumn, but is a lot more subtle. Compared to Velvet Teddy and Faux, I would say Honeylove is a lot more delicate and a little lighter than my natural lip colour.

I love wearing this Lipstick as an everyday colour, but I haven’t found the right Lip Liner to accompany it so it does fade away as soon as I drink or eat which is a shame. If you know which Lip Liner would look great with Honeylove, please do let me know. I do sometimes use Whirl underneath Honeylove, but I find that the lipstick dulls the Lip Liner.

Mac Honeylove Review


Llap is a Limited Edition Star Trek Lipstick which was launched in September. I found myself falling in love with this Champagne Pink Lipstick which is packed with shimmer. I had to order this Lipstick online as it was out of stock in all the Mac stands which I could find, but I am so glad I got my hands on it.

I have worn this Lipstick a few times, but wouldn’t use it as an everyday Lipstick. A full review of this Lipstick is on my blog.

Mac Llap Review


This is the Lipstick which I am the most apprehensive about. I don’t usually go for bright colour lips, but fell in love with Rebel. I thought that when I go on a night out or fancy dressing up a little more, this colour would be perfect. It is a deep purple which is a very red/berry tone.

Once I finally get the guts to try this out, I will be sure to share my views on this beautiful purple Lipstick.

Mac Rebel Review

Lip Liners

Boldly Bare

This Lip Liner is so universal. It is a very nude lip colour which is about the same shade of my lips. I love wearing Boldly Bare with Velvet Teddy which can be seen in my Autumn Ready Lips post, but I also love it underneath faux for a subtle nude colour.

If you could only have one Lip Liner, this would be the one I would recommend. Also, it makes your lips look gorgeous for hours as well as moisturised.

Mac Boldly Bare Review


Whirl is lovely Lip Liner which is a shade or two darker than my normal lip colour. I especially love Whirl underneath Faux as it creates a great Satin Berry/Brown shade perfect for Autumn.

Mac Whirl Review


I am constantly searching for a red lip colour which isn’t too bright and one that suits me. I picked up brick as it was described as a golden red which I thought would be a bit more subtle than your post box reds. I do love this colour, but scared that I am not brave enough to take the plunge.

Mac Brick Review

Do you have a favourite Mac Lipstick & Lip Liner?

Do you have any favourites when it comes to Lipsticks & Lip Liners?

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