Christmas Blogger Q&A // Laura Snow

Laura Snow Christmas Blogger Q&A by Stephs WorldHi and welcome to Steph’s World & the Christmas Blogger Q&A Series. There will be 21 Guest Bloggers taking part in this Q&A running up to Christmas day. To learn more about this Series, please see my blogpost called ‘Introduction to the Christmas Blogger Q&A‘. Today we welcome Laura from Laura Snow…

Laura – Laura Snow

Christmas Blogger Q&A Series -Laura Snow - by Stephs World

Hi! I’m Laura, I’m 26 and blonde! I’m a sales and marketing manager by day and blogger by night!

My blog started off as just a space online that I could write on when i fancied and then as my followers grew and my love for writing grew with it, was born!

laurasnow is predominantly a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog. Beauty is my absolute passion..I could talk you to death about the pigmentation of different brands!! My posts are always honest, and I write how I talk…although i’m not entirely sure if thats a good thing or not!

In a perfect world, I would love to blog full time, but until i reach Zoella status…I’ll stick with the day job!

Christmas Blogger Q&A Series -Laura SnowQuestion 1 – What is your favourite Christmas memory?

Oh there are so many!!! I remember one year, I was about 7 and I really wanted a new bike! I was so excited, then i got downstairs and it wasn’t there! I sat crying for ages because Santa couldn’t have gotten my letter! Then my mum got me to open the curtains and outside on the patio was my bike. I genuinely don’t think i’ve ever been so happy!!!

Question 2 – Are there any traditions you have around Christmas time?

Christmas eve was my gran’s birthday so her and my grandad would come over to our house for a birthday tea and we would sit and play board games all evening. Since she’s passed away the board games have continued and while other people may be out at the pub, we sit together as a family…with a bottle of wine or two (it helps with the competitiveness!!)

Question 3 – What is on your Christmas wish list this year?

If I’m honest i hadn’t really seen anything that caught my eye and stood out. Then on a trip into town with my mum i stumbled across a rather gorgeous pair of shoes in Ted Baker, so I think they are now firmly on my wish list! Fingers crossed!

Question 4 – Do you like to wear Christmas jumpers, if you do; what is your favourite Christmas jumper?

Oh I LOVE a good Christmas jumper! What’s not to like! My favourite is last years…I just think it makes you giggle but still in good taste!

Christmas Blogger Q&A Series -Laura SnowQuestion 5 – Do you like to give presents or receive presents?

Okay. Now lets be honest. Anyone who says they don’t like to receive presents IS LYING!!! of course i do. But i do love buying other people presents and finding things I know they will love!

Question 6 – Do you like the Christmas goodies such as Mince Pies, Christmas Pudding or the limited edition drinks?

I’m ashamed to say it…but no! I can’t stand them!

Question 7 – What is your favourite part of Christmas dinner?

Oh man…okay its either stuffing, or pigs in blankets! I cant choose so i’m having both!! I know these are both readily available all year but Christmas day they are so much nicer!!!

Question 8 – What is your favourite Christmas Song?

There’s literally no competition. Mariah Carey – All I want for Christmas is you!
EVERY girl has sang this into a mirror at some point in her life…if you haven’t yet, you will!!

Question 9 – Are you taking part in Blogmas or Vlogmas this year?

I’m not! I work in hotels so this time of year is insanely busy for me, I barely have time to eat properly never mind blog or even vlog. I applaud the ones that are, I shall have a good read!!

Question 10 – Do you have anything exciting coming up on your blog next year?

WELL! is having a whole new look! New logo, website, branding. The whole shebang! Fingers crossed it will be ready January!

To say i’m excited is an understatement!!!


Thank You

Thank you to Laura for taking part in this Christmas Blogger Q&A Series. Laura is a very dear friend of mine, and her support and love on Twitter is amazing! She really can cheer me up when I am down and is great at listening to a rant or two. I am very thrilled to have Laura Guest Blogging for me and being involved in this series.

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