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Kimberley Jessica Christmas Blogger Q&A by Stephs World

Hi and welcome to Steph’s World & the Christmas Blogger Q&A Series. There will be 21 Guest Bloggers taking part in this Q&A running up to Christmas day. To learn more about this Series, please see my blogpost called ‘Introduction to the Christmas Blogger Q&A‘. Today we welcome Kim from Kimberley Jessica…

Kim – Kimberley Jessica

Christmas Blogger Q&A Series - Kimberley Jessica

My name is Kim and you may know me from the blog Kimberley Jessica ( I created Kimberley Jessica, once known as “KJM” as a place to escape from my life. I’m able to be myself on my blog without being judged (at least I hope I won’t be judged). It’s basically my personal journey and a diary, in a place which I can call my own.

Question 1 – What is your favourite Christmas memory?

My favourite Christmas memory is waking up ridiculously early and waking everyone else up too, to have breakfast and open up our presents very early! I still do this now, and probably always will.

Question 2 – Are there any traditions you have around Christmas time?

On the first Sunday of December, every year I put up the Christmas tree with my mum!

Question 3 – What is on your Christmas wish list this year?

I really wanted some dainty hoop earrings and my mum has bought these too, woo!

Question 4 – Do you like to wear Christmas jumpers, if you do; what is your favourite Christmas jumper?

My favourite Christmas jumper is a red one with a vintage type father Christmas on it. I bought it from Asda I believe about two years ago and I still love it now.

Question 5 – Do you like to give presents or receive presents?

I absolutely love giving presents, I put so much thought into the presents I give and if I could spend thousands on everyone, I would.

Question 6 – Do you like the Christmas goodies such as Mince Pies, Christmas Pudding or the limited edition drinks?

I’m one for mince pies, the ones with icing on! They are absolutely gorgeous. However I have just discovered Gingerbread lattes and I am absolutely loving them.

Question 7 – What is your favourite part of Christmas dinner?

Easy question, stuffing balls and pigs in blanket! Yummy yummy!

Question 8 – What is your favourite Christmas Song?

I absolutely love Michael Buble’s version of “all I want for Christmas” it’s so beautiful.

Question 9 – Are you taking part in Blogmas or Vlogmas this year?

I am taking part in blogmas this year (also blogging for the rest of December too). And I am doing the bloggers beauty brawl to for the first 10 days! #beautybrawl16

Question 10 – Do you have anything exciting coming up on your blog next year?

Honestly, I have no idea myself! I’m excited to see where next year takes me with my blog as I have only started blogging properly since July this year.

Thank You

Thank you to Kim for taking part in this Christmas Blogger Q&A Series. Kim’s blog is a little space on the internet to escape away to. She covers a wide range of topics and you can get lost in reading her lovely blog. Kim is very sweet over on Twitter and very supportive.

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