June Paperchase Haul

June Paperchase Haul

I have an addiction to Paperchase, but have you ever met a blogger who hasn’t? I thought I would share with you all the great bargains I managed to grab in Paperchase last week, so here is my June Paperchase Haul…I fear this will turn into a series.

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List Book

I love this List Book. It is A5 and opens up like a book, and includes an arrangement of sticky notes (with cogs on), little thin multicoloured tabs and a notepad which is perfect to keep on my desk at work. The little ribbon at the side makes this book super cute and also keeps the book sealed so I can put it in my bag if need be.

Was: £8 / Sale Price: £5.50

List Book

Sticky Notes Book

This is a little handbag size book of sticky notes with cute animals on them. They have some big sticky notes in there and also some sticky thin tabs which I think will be great as page markers in my new notebook.

Was: £3.50 / Sale Price: £1.75

Sticky Notes

Mini Journal

I instantly fell in love with this mini journal. I used to carry around my big notebook, but I decided I needed something smaller and lighter. It is super cute with flowers and doodles over the cover and a blue elastic to hold it closed. I just love this mini journal for writing down blogpost ideas and things I need to remember.

Was: £3.50 / Sale Price: £2.25

Mini Journal

Typewriter Notebook

This was an impulse purchase when I saw it next to the till. It is a mini notebook, not much bigger than my hand and it has the cute message “You’re Just My Type” wrote on the typewriter. I don’t know how I am going to put this to use, but I’m sure I will find a way.

Was: £3.50 / Sale Price: £1

Typewriter Notebook

Happy Birthday Tissue Paper

I love creating special gift boxes for friends and family on their birthday. I love being creative with presents and buying smaller gifts that I know they will love, and then presenting them in a lovely gift box and wrapping the presents all in tissue paper. I think the best thing about gift giving is that the experience of watching the person unwrap their presents, so I like to make it as special as possible.

This tissue paper was so unique and colourful that I had to pick a packet up.

Was: £2 / Sale Price: £1

Tissue Paper

Gift Bag

This gift bag is very simple and perfect for any occasion. It’s brown with blue handles and is super cute.

Was: £2.25 / Sale Price: 80p

Gift Bag

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining – Notebook

This was the only item that I picked up and it wasn’t in the sale. I needed a new notebook as my other blog notebook was almost full, and as soon as I saw this one; I fell in love. I love the colour of it and it was my inspiration behind my new logo. I love the saying on the front too and it always makes me smile. Also, it reminds me of Stuart Little 2 when Hugh Laurie looks at Stuart and says “Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining”. I loved that film when I was a kid. 

There are a range of these notebooks in different colours. I especially loved the purple one with the Amelia Earhart quote.

Price: £8

Every Cloud Notepad

Do You Love Paperchase?

Let me know in the comments if you have managed to grab a bargain at Paperchase too, or recommend anything for me to buy for blogging.


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