I’m A Guest Blogger!

I’m A Guest Blogger!

Hey everyone and welcome to anyone new here at Steph’s World. This is a just little update to say that I’m a guest blogger now! I am so excited to have this opportunity!

I’m A Guest Blogger! – My Story

One day back in June I was scrolling through my Twitter feed of thousands of post about Bullet Journals, Cats, The EU Referendum and Twitter chats; one particular tweet stood out to me. One by a fellow blogger looking for some Guest Bloggers to keep her blog nicely topped-up while she was on holiday.

This lovely lady was Gwennan Rees from Twenty Something Meltdown, a blog which I love to read constantly and admire as a fellow blogger.

I jumped in quickly seeing that there was only one place left to fill and tweeted Gwennan to see if I could have the last slot. As I have only been blogging since March, just over a month and half, I thought she would say no and offer the slot to someone with more experience. I was thrilled when I got a message to say I managed to get a slot on the blog! I was literally smiling from ear-to-ear. A blog and blogger which I admire was going to let me write for her blog! I was thrilled!

Then the dread set in! What the heck was I supposed to write?

I wrote down some idea’s and dismissed most of them. I didn’t want to propose writing anything that had already been done on Gwennan’s blog and I didn’t want to write something boring. I am happy with the topic I chose and even enjoyed writing the post, even if I had nervous hands.

I sent it off to Gwennan along with some images and then I waited in anticipation. I waited a whole 8 minutes for Gwennan to reply! 8 minutes people! This woman is a whizz at replying! I couldn’t of been happier with her response. She enjoyed what I wrote and was happy with the images I supplied. From a blogger I admire, this was a huge thing for me!

My Guest Blogpost

The post I decided to write includes a little bit about my blog and also focuses around the fact that I was and still am a Newbie Blogger.

The post is called ‘10 Things I Learned As A New Blogger‘ and will be live on Saturday 16th July 2016. There is an introduction now live to Gwennan’s Guest Bloggers on her blog which you should check out.

I have also created a post on my top 5 Tips for Guest Blogging which can be found on my blog.

Did You Read My Guest Blogpost?

Have you read my Guest Blog? What did you think? Do you agree with any of the 10 points?

Let me know in the comments below or over on Twitter or Instagram.


Another Guest Blogging Opportunity

I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to also write another 2 Guest Blogposts for the lovely Sarah from Writing & Rambling since this one, which will hopefully go live soon. As soon as I know; I will let everyone know via Twitter, Instagram and my blog.

Also, another recent opportunity to Guest Blog is with Food & Baker. Jessica and James are a Food/Lifestyle blog and I will be getting involved with their new series. More information about this will be come very soon. If you want to get involved, please message them via twitter.


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