Hogwarts in the Snow

Hogwarts in the Snow

Welcome to Part 2 of my 2 part Harry Potter Studio Tour blogpost(s). This blogpost is all about the Harry Potter Studio Tour (Warner Bros. Studio Tour) special event called Hogwarts in the Snow. If you want to get the full story of my visits to the Studio Tour and spoilers of the normal (everyday) Harry Potter Studio Tour, make sure to check out my other blogpost first. I will see you back here soon…

Right, if you have just returned or decided to continue reading here first, let us begin our journey to Hogwarts in the Snow. There will be a few little spoilers throughout about the event and will be spoilers section like before.

Hogwarts in the Snow

If you read my part 1, you will know that myself and my friend decided to get the train to the Harry Potter Studio Tour, which was really easy. I was so excited to be going again to the Studio Tour and decided to do every ‘sorting hat‘ quiz out there. Every time without fail it told me I was a Hufflepuff. So here I stand, a true (and proud) Hufflepuff, not a Ravenclaw like I first thought.

This time around, my boyfriend and I decided that we would make a few days out of it as a mini break and drive down to Watford and stay in a local Travelodge which was 5 minutes away and reasonably priced.

The parking at the Studio Tour was so so easy. There were Car Parking Team on hand every step of the way directing you to your parking spot and the car park was massive, so there was no fear of not getting a parking spot. The car park is free of charge and even if you were dropping off someone, there is a designated area for that in the same area.

The whole studio from the very beginning was dressed up like it’s Christmas. There were gigantic Christmas trees, tinsel over the sets, sweet wrappers on the floor of the boys dorm and even a demonstration of the different snow they used on the set and the fires they created for the set. There is even a demonstration of how those footprints in the snow are created.

The last time I visited the Harry Potter Studio Tourthe newly added attraction Platform 9 ¾ wasn’t open, so this time around I was highly excited to visit that section. Ok everyone, here are a few spoilers about Platform 9 ¾, so skip to ‘Welcome Back’ if you want to miss them out…

Skip to ‘Welcome Back’ to miss all spoilers


As soon as you come out of the green screen room, take a left and you will immediately hit Platform 9 ¾. On the platform, you can see the luggage carts, the wall, signs, memorabilia and the massive train itself; the Hogwarts Express in all its glory. It looks amazing. You can have a go at running through the wall with the luggage cart yourself or have a picture done by the staff, take a walk through the Hogwarts Express and see every seating area dressed like a different film and have a seat in a carriage and have a professional photo taken and take a video of you riding on the train. On the platform, there is the new Platform 9 ¾ shop with all the gifts and treats focused about the platform and Hogwarts Express.

Harry Potter Studio Tour Hogwarts Express

Straight after this, you walk through the Backlot Café, and this time I made sure to pick up a Butterbeer. I was so excited to pick one up, I took it to a table; sat down and then the smell hit me. It was too sweet. It’s like pure caramel and lemonade with whipped/spray cream on the top. I was so disappointed and left it after 2 sips. Yuck!

Harry Potter Studio Tour Butterbeer

Just outside of here though was Privet Drive, the Knight Bus, Potters Cottage, Hogwarts Bridge etc. and as I was standing there taking a selfie (it is the must at the Studio Tour), I was greeted with a flurry of snow. It was fake snow, but was so magical and Christmassy.

Inside the next room, Diagon Alley was dressed up for Christmas with the snow on the floor (not on the walkway though) and then the Hogwarts model was covered in a blanket of snow. It was so magical and the music was like Christmas music from the films. It was truly breath taking!

Welcome Back

Welcome back everyone who skipped the spoilers. Once again, you didn’t miss too much. So to round up this blogpost, I would recommend the Hogwarts in the snow special. It was truly magical from start to finish, and this particular visit lasted a whopping 4 hours. Even visiting it for a second time, I am sure I still have missed so much.

Other Information

Ticket Prices Adult – £35 / Child – £27 / Under 4 – Free

Location Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, Studio Tour Drive, Leavesden, WD25 7LR

Special Events for 2016Explore Number 4 Privet Drive (27.05.2016-06.06.2016), Finding the Philosopher’s Stone (22.07.2016-05.09.2016), 15th Anniversary Film Celebrations (15.10.2016-04.11.2016), Hogwarts in the Snow (19.11.2016-Onwards).


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