Heathers: The Musical // West End Theatre Review

Heathers: The Musical // West End Theatre Review

“September 20th 2018. Dear diary…” I went to see Heathers, and it was Beautiful!

I went into the show not knowing any more than the 4 songs on Spotify. I was completely shocked by the show and in a good way.

A Little About Heathers: The Musical

The musical is a dark comedy – which I knew – but I didn’t realise it was going to be as funny as it was. The songs are very clever, the way the actors play their characters are very funny and the interactions with each other are perfect.

The show centres around the lead character, Veronica Sawyer, played by the extremely talented Carrie Hope Fletcher. Veronica isn’t a very popular person at school and decides that if she wants to survive; she would have to join the popular gang – The Heathers. That Heather Chandler really is a Mythic B**ch!

She then meets a dark character in the form of Jason Dean (aka. JD) played by Jamie Muscato. Veronica and JD fall in love and it is…disastrous!

Heathers: The Musical had a run in America in LA and also off-Broadway. The runs together only lasted a year in total.

My Thoughts On The Show

Heather Chandler is played by the stunning Jodie Steele. I had seen a few songs from the Broadway performers and knew that she had some big boots to fill. She filled the and more! I was so impressed at her vocal ability and also her comical timing.

The other Heathers, Heather McNamara (Sophie Isaacs) and Heather Duke (T’Shan Williams) were also impressive. McNamara makes you feel all warm towards her and quite sympathetic towards her at times. Duke also makes some ‘changes’ to herself throughout the show (I won’t spoil it for you), but T’Shan plays her wonderfully. Also, her solo song is very catchy – watch out for that.

For the other main characters, Veronica (Carrie Hope Fletcher) and JD (Jamie Muscato), I thought as a power-couple, these two nailed it! You could tell that Carrie loved playing Veronica and her singing was amazing. I was so impressed with Carrie as she hardly gets to leave the stage and the energy she showed throughout was incredible.

Jamie was equally impressing as leading man of the show – his character was complete and I felt like I knew JD perfectly. His background and home life were shown throughout the show and Jamie did an amazing job bringing JD to life. As JD gets darker, Jamie’s acting completely changes, and being in row D of the stalls; I actually felt very uneasy being around him. I had never felt like this in the theatre before and I don’t think I could imagine anyone else being JD now.

With Heathers, I couldn’t write a review without mentioning the fantastic ensemble. Everyone had numerous parts to play and I felt like this show has its own community. All the cast knew every aspect of their role (or roles) and showed their love for each other and the show. It is also remarkable how many members of the cast are actually making their West End debut’s; as they all performed like West End stars!

The thing I did miss about the show though is not being able to see the band playing. I know at The Other Palace, the band were on the stage and you could see them to give them all a clap at the end of the show, but at Theatre Royal Haymarket I didn’t get to see them. So here is me saying “bravo” to the band, they really made the show shine a light.

My Overall Review and Rating


Heathers: The Musical discusses subjects such as murder, suicide, mental health, bullying and assault. The way these subjects are handled are very clever and make the audience think about what they are seeing as well as their experiences at school.

I would recommend the show to teenagers and young adults in particular, but I do think it is a show that many people will love. The film is a cult classic for a reason and I think the theatre show could be as well.

Other Information

Location – Theatre Royal Haymarket, London, SW1Y 4HT.

Date Seen – Thursday 20th September 2018 (Matinee Performance)

Running Times (including interval) – 2 hours, 20 minutes (including a 20-minute interval)

Top Tips – Get to the show 1o minutes before to enjoy the 80s music playing throughout the auditorium.



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