10 Thoughts While Growing-Up

10 Thoughts While Growing-Up

When you are young, that last thing you want to do is become your parents with their sayings. Unfortunately, this is inevitable. After my birthday, it got me thinking about the things I hear come out of my mouth and why I am so scared that they are words I always heard by the grown-ups in my life. So I have decided to share with you 10 Thoughts that we all have while growing-up:

“When I Was Young…”

Oh this one. The one I’ve heard over and over again.

“What is this racket? Can you put on some Destiny’s Child or Spice Girls?

You can’t beat the #ThrowbackThursday playlist on Spotify!

“I only left school recently…oh, it was 9 years ago”

Isn’t this when reality kicks in? I can’t believe I left school so many years ago!

“When did kids start wearing make-up and high heels?”

This is still something I don’t get. It is either kids are looking younger these days or I am getting worse at judging ages.

“What have I done with my life? Why aren’t I travelling the world? What even is this job?”

Speaks for itself really. Anyone want to pay for me to go travel the world?

“What is a mortgage and how do I even go about getting one?”

I don’t even know how to calculate one of these. I think I need to start saving money for a house soon.

“Why can’t I play Pokémon Go if I want to?”

Pokémon Go was aimed at the 20-something year olds. It was our era. We have rights to play this game people. Be proud!

“Why am I putting on so much weight?”

Your metabolism just isn’t the same as when you was a teen. Those pounds are going to get harder and harder to shred.

*crack* “Where did that cracking sound come from? My ankle? Are you serious?”

Every month brings a new clicking joint. That is just life.

“I wish I was back in school. Those were the good days”

The simple times which we all hated and wished for them to fly by so you could be a grown-up. Choosing a college, university, apprenticeship or job is not easy guys. The stress gets to you!

Do you agree?

Do you agree with any of these points? What do you hear yourself saying now that you are a grown-up? Let me know in the comments below.


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