10 Tips for Graduation

10 Tips for Graduation

Graduation is a big part of any Students life. You have managed to survive those numerous years of studying; late nights and parties, and Graduation is one of the biggest celebrations of your achievement that you will get. I been lucky enough to attend 4 graduations now over the past 3 years; 1 of them being my own, so here are my 10 Tips for Graduation.

I found in University there are 3 types of Students. 1) The ones who sail it through without any troubles along the way. 2) The ones who try really hard but never seen to achieve them top grades. 3) The ones who scrape a pass and put in zero effort!

For me, I was the second group. I tried so hard in University, but never seemed to get anything higher than a 2:1. When I finally got that letter through my door to tell me when my Graduation would be, I was ecstatic. My 3 years of blood, sweat and tears was finally over and I was free to enter the real world.

Graduation day was amazing! I got to see my friends, family and lecturers and have a big celebration.

My 10 Tips for Graduation

Before Graduation Day

Check the schedule for the day

This is one thing I can’t stress enough!

Your University will send you out (usually by email) the schedule of the day for you. Including where to collect your robes, have photos taken, where your ceremony will take place and where the post-ceremony celebrations will be.

Arrange to meet up with your friends/classmates 

Unfortunately that group of friends you met during your battle in the Sahara Dessert while having a thirst for knowledge; won’t always be around. A lot of my friends moved back to their hometown or even emigrated, and it was the last time I saw some of them. We still keep in contact over Facebook or speak if we are passing by in the street, but they most of them won’t be a call away like before.

Make sure you meet up with everyone you can think of on Graduation Day.

Preparation for Graduation Day

Take a drink and some snacks

Make sure you eat and drink something before heading into your ceremony. There is nothing worse than walking up to get your certificate and the monster in your stomach is screaming for food.

Also, your guest will thank you for thinking of them. Graduation is a long day for everyone, especially your family and friends who come to support you. It is a lot of waiting around and smiling for pictures.

Charge everything you own

Phone, Camera, Selfie Stick, rechargeable battery pack; anything that you can think of, charge it! Who want’s to run out of battery in the middle of a ceremony or party? I mean who else is going to supply you with a device so you can take 100 selfies?

You don’t want to be asking friends to be taking photos of you and having them email you the pictures. There’s a high chance that you will never get those photos.

Think about your outfit

Is that mini skirt, extremely long maxi-dress or those 6 inch heels really practical?

Think about what you are wearing for your ceremony. You don’t want a mini skirt riding up to your underwear and you don’t want to be tripping over a long maxi-dress. Also, high heels and graduations never end happily. You always hear the horror stories of that poor graduate who landed face first in front of a crowd of graduates. Don’t let it be you.

Another thing to consider is looking up your University robe colour. Don’t be rocking an Orange dress when your robe colour is Green. You may end up looking like an oompa-loompa…oops!

Put together a little bag of essentials 

Make sure you put in a few hair-grips ladies. You will find that the graduation caps have a tendency to slide around if you have a little head like me. The grips are a good way to keep the cap in place.

Also, put into the bag any make-up you think you will need. Lipstick is an essential. You need to keep your lippy looking good for all those pictures you will be in.

Take safety pins!

This is one of the things I wish I had thought about for my graduation.

The Graduation robe comes in 2 sections, the robe and the hood. The hood is a triangle piece of material which goes over your head and hangs over the back to look like a hood. The hood has a tendency to strangle you every time you move, punishing you for not wearing a suit like the men who walk around strangle-free.

A safety pin would allow you to hook your hood onto your dress/outfit to prevent you from choking on your hood as you’re about to collect your certificate.

On Graduation Day

Collect your tickets prior to the ceremony

More often than not, you will need to collect not only your own ticket for the ceremony but also your guests tickets. If possible, see if you can get these an hour or so before your ceremony and beat the queues.

In the ceremony, you are usually seated by course in alphabetical order by Surname. Let’s hope you sitting by someone you like.

Don’t take a handbag in with you

My suggestion would be to leave your handbag with your guests.

When you go to collect your certificate, you will follow your line and just sit in the next available seat. This may not be the one you was in before and your bag will be missing.

Have Fun!

Graduation is a massive day for you and it is something you should look back on in years to come and be proud of.

Have fun, see friends, take photos, celebrate in your own way and just enjoy the atmosphere. It isn’t every day that you can Graduate. Well, not unless you go on to do your Masters and then PhD and then you will have many more to come.

How was your Graduation?

I hope you found these tips for Graduation helpful, and if you are graduating I hope you have an amazing day!

Let me know in the comments below if you are Graduating soon and if you will be using any of these tips.


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