Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life // Spoilers Review

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life // Spoilers Review

So as many of you know, I have been constantly been playing a game of catch-up with The Gilmore Girls since September 2016 in readiness for A Year in the Life. I loved Series 1-7 of The Gilmore Girls so much, the relationship between Lorelai and Rory was amazing and the life they lived was perfect, but something about A Year in the Life just didn’t cut it for me unfortunately. I am gutted 🙁

With being a recently mega fan of The Gilmore Girls, I held so many high expectations for A Year in the Life, and it just felt so flat. I am not sure whether it is the fact that I went straight from the series into the new Netflix series one after another, or if it just didn’t fill all my dreams as I wanted it to.

I think Winter did a great job of setting the Series/Seasons up again for you and it was great to see so many cameos from the original cast, it really was great to see them all 10 years on. They look great, don’t they? Especially Miss Patty! She looks amazing 🙂

Here is a list of my very stereotypical Gilmore Girls Pros and Cons of the new Netflix Original Series, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life:


Please turn back if you don’t want to see any spoilers!

Things I Liked about A Year in the Life

  • Paul Anker (Lorelai’s Dog) is still around. Not too sure if it’s the original dog, I hope so though.
  • Luke & Lorelai are still together 🙂
  • Michel is openly gay and married in A Year in the Life.
  • Paris is doing well, even if her and Doyle are in a strange post break-up relationship due to having Children together.
  • Logan and Dean are back! 🙂
  • There was a shoutout to Zoella (or Zoo-ella as Taylor says).
  • The Town Troubadour is still around after 10 years. Is that really a steady income though?
  • Kirk has not changed in the slightest! His taxi service (ooo-ber) was hilarious and so Kirk! Also his short movie was fantastic!
  • Lane & Zack are still together and the Twins are all grown-up.
  • Hep Alien are still rocking together and Gil has not aged a bit!
  • The way they deal with Richard’s death (and the real life Edward Herrmann) was handled brilliantly.
  • They are still doing the Spring Basket auction – A throwback to the original series.
  • We finally get to meet Mr Kim.
  • The scene with The Life & Death Brigade was fun (a little out of place though).
  • I’m glad that Dean has moved on and is happy.
  • I’m happy that Sookie made an appearance.
  • Emily was brilliant throughout and she hasn’t aged at all, but also; her meltdown at the DAR meeting was a perfect way for Emily to find herself.
  • Rory writing the book about her life. I think Series 1-7 is a great story for many to read. I would by the book to read too!
  • Luke and Lorelai got married and I loved that whole scene. It was perfect!

Things I Disliked about A Year in the Life

  • How out of character the main characters seemed to be acting.
  • Who is Paul (Rory’s Boyfriend) and why does Rory keep forgetting about him?
  • Rory & Logan’s affair made me think that Rory has grown-up making all her previous mistakes (e.g. Dean and the affair) and she’s just not a nice person.
  • The way Rory still hasn’t got a steady job and how she went to that job interview expecting to just get the job there and then.
  • The musical that dragged on for 20 minutes! What even was that?
  • The pacing of the Seasons. They were in England and then in Stars Hollow minutes apart. It was just a bit odd to follow.
  • The therapy sessions felt like they dragged on a bit too long. I do understand the significance to them to the plot though.
  • Jess is only around for 10 minutes before he leaves 🙁 #TeamJess
  • Lorelai going trekking to ‘find herself’. This was really out of character for her.
  • The fact they felt like they needed to have Tristan back into it and it wasn’t even Chad Michael Murray. They would of been better just leaving him out of it.

My Overall Review & Your Thoughts…

All in all, it wasn’t a bad revival for The Gilmore Girls. I just thought a lot seemed unexplained and was just a bit out of the usual Gilmore Girls way.

How did you find A Year in the Life? Let me know in the comments 🙂

There will be another post going live soon about the Gilmore Girls theory that you didn’t know you needed! So keep a look out for that…


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