Get to know me // The A-Z of Steph

Get to know me // The A-Z of Steph

While reading Jemma from Dorkface‘s blog the other day, I came across the brilliant Get to Know me; A-Z that she did and loved the idea. Therefore, today I bring you The A-Z of Steph…

The A-Z of Steph

// Alcohol – I am teetotal

// Blogging – It’s been over a year now and I am loving it

C // Cats – I love Cats and have 2 black cats which are Brothers 🙂

D // Dancing – I love to have a boogie, whether in my room or at a party!

E // Earphones – If I am on my own walking anywhere, you will always find me with my earphones in

F // Family & Friends – 2 things which are high importance to me (as well as my Boyfriend, obviously)

G // Glasses – You will never see me outside of the house in them, but I do have to wear glasses

H // Harry Potter & Hufflepuff – Big fan and a proud Hufflepuff!

I // iPhone – I love my iPhone and it is practically glued to me

// Jokes – I have the best Dad jokes along with my dry sense of humour.

K // Kind – I like to think that I am kind

L // Lipsticks & London – I have an unhealthy Lipstick addiction and love to visit my favourite

M // Modern Family – One of my favourite TV Shows. I think everyone knows that though

N // Netflix – I love Netflix and watching new things. Please send me your recommendations…

O // Olives – Very odd, but I actually really like them

P // Pens & Pop Music – 2 of my guilty pleasures

Q // Quests – I am always on the lookout for new things to see and do

R // Reading – I am terrible and never put aside time for reading. This is a goal for me

S // Spotify – I love having music at my fingertips. I have so many Playlists, does anyone else have a stash of playlists?

T // Theatre – One of my loves is Theatre

U // United Kingdom – My home!

V // Vest Tops – I literally one at least one in every colour

W // Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour – I love the Harry Potter Studio Tour a lot! – My lastest Photo Diary included the new Forbidden Forest

X // Xmas – My favourite time of the year!

Y // Yellow – I love the colour yellow. It is my current nail colour

Z // Zucchini – I love Mousakka. I know this is a loose link, but it is one of the main ingredients


If you decide to recreate this post, please let me know 🙂


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