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Food & Baker Christmas Blogger Q&A by Stephs World

Hi and welcome to Steph’s World & the Christmas Blogger Q&A Series. There will be 21 Guest Bloggers taking part in this Q&A running up to Christmas day. To learn more about this Series, please see my blogpost called ‘Introduction to the Christmas Blogger Q&A‘. Today we welcome Jessica & James from Food & Baker…

Jessica & James – Food & Baker

Christmas Blogger Q&A Series - Food & Baker

We are Jessica Bautista and James Baker.; we are a London based Couple Food, Travel & Lifestyle bloggers – We are practically opposite at everything but found our common ground for the love of food!

Question 1 – What is your favourite Christmas memory?

Jessica – This isn’t exactly the most exciting story but I remember when I was super young and receiving a keyboard for Christmas from my dad and remember thinking it was the best present in the world and it’s a memory I always recall (and trust me, I don’t have a good memory)

James – Jessica and I’s first Christmas together (although not physically together), I got a text saying she cried at my card to her! It’s always an aim of mine to make her cry at cards – and I succeeded!

Question 2 – Are there any traditions you have around Christmas time?

Jessica – It is a family tradition to have the whole family together a few hours on Christmas Eve before midnight together and we open our presents at midnight instead of during the day, as we all spend our Christmas Day with our own immediate family or other extended family.

James – My sister and I have always put out Mince Pies & Sherry and Carrot & Milk are for the reindeers while my dad records it every single year.

Together, I would say we have this thing when we always go to Winter Wonderland, we always have to eat at Vapianos for Dinner – so I guess that could be a tradition!

Christmas Blogger Q&A Series - Food & Baker

Question 3 – What is on your Christmas wish list this year?

Jessica – Call me super cheesy but my Christmas wish had already come true this year and that is to be able to spend Christmas with James

James – I honestly don’t have anything that I want this year. Christmas isn’t so much about gifts for me, it’s having family all around me. And this one should be better than ever with Jessica there!

Question 4 – Do you like to wear Christmas jumpers, if you do; what is your favourite Christmas jumper?

Last year we spent Christmas apart, so we decided to wear matching Christmas jumpers (the picture is horrible but the only one we have together wearing them) to feel a part of each other Christmas’ anyway – we are planning to wear them again this year, along with some new matching Christmas onesies!

Christmas Blogger Q&A Series - Food & Baker

Question 5 – Do you like to give presents or receive presents?

Personally, I honestly love to give presents as we take it very seriously on making sure the present is a sure representation of the person we as giving it to and of course we’d all be lying if we said we didn’t enjoy receiving them too.

Question 6 – Do you like the Christmas goodies such as Mince Pies, Christmas Pudding or the limited edition drinks?

Christmas pies are good, not so much of a fan for Christmas pudding!

Question 7 – What is your favourite part of Christmas dinner?

ROAST POTATOES HANDS DOWN! You all know our love for potatoes and it’s just this time of the year that make them extra special!

Question 8 – What is your favourite Christmas Song?

You can’t go wrong with the all time standard classic Christmas songs – Santa Claus is coming to Town!

Question 9 – Are you taking part in Blogmas or Vlogmas this year?

YES WE ARE! We are actually doing a mix of both – so instead of only blogging everyday and only blogging everyday – we will be posting everyday of December but it could either be a blog or a vlog or some we even have planned to do both 😉

Question 10 – Do you have anything exciting coming up on your blog next year?

Nothing is completely official but we have big plans to do a lot of travelling next year, so we hope to have more travel posts and vlogs!

Thank You

Thank you to Jessica & James for taking part in this Christmas Blogger Q&A Series. They are both very active on Twitter and very encouraging of other bloggers and also have their own chat called #HungryChats. I can always rely on Jessica to say something nice when I’m feeling down and her love of carbs kills me. She is so funny! Also, Food & Baker vlog, which makes me so jealous of all the fun they get up to (especially their cute date nights). These guys are really #CoupleGoals as well as having so many #FoodGoals.

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