Dick Whittington // Birmingham Hippodrome

Dick Whittington // Birmingham Hippodrome

Every year I try to head to the Pantomime, and this year was no different. I know that I am 20+, but I still love going to the Panto with my family and just having a giggle. This years  Panto was Dick Whittington at Birminham Hippodrome.

A Little About Dick Whittington

Dick Whittington is a panto which I had never seen before, nor did not know what to expect from the story. The story follows a man called Dick Whittington who is just an ordinary guy who wants to be Lord Mayor of London and marry Alice (the daughter of 2 shopkeepers). Along the way, the evil King Rat is also wanting to take over the world with his rats and will do anything to take down Dick Whittington. Dick is set the task of defeating King Rat to become Lord Mayor of London and obviously getting the girl, Alice.

My Thoughts on the Show

With a list of stars and returning Panto faces, Dick Whittington had a lot to live up to. The cast included John Barrowman (Dr Who, How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?, Dancing on Ice), Steve McFadden (Phil Mitchell – Eastenders), Matt Slack (Actor/Comedian), The Krankies (Comedy Duo), Jodie Prenger (I’d Do Anything) and Danielle Hope (Theatre Actor).

I have seen John Barrowman previously on stage and kind of knew what to expect. John is always full of energy, bubbly, a great singer, performer and interacts with the audience perfectly. If audience members also shout out things to John like “you’re sexy” or “it was Phil” (which happened), he always makes a joke of it and finds a way to include it in the show. He is just a brilliant Panto star!

Steve McFadden was perfect as the evil King Rat. He has his grumble-y voice and evil looks which really make the part of the bad guy brilliant. I had never seen Steve before in Panto, but he was perfect for the role.

Matt Slack. Oh, Matt Slack. Where do I start with him? I have seen matt 2 or 3 times now in Panto and he steals the show. He’s funny, interacts with the audience, not scared to get stuck in and interacts with the other cast members perfectly. He even makes them laugh! Himself and Andrew Ryan (Pantomime Dame) his on-stage Mom both have great scenes, one being where they are picking out DVD’s while telling a story and coming up with lines such as “It’s bad for your ‘Elf'” and also “We were trying to ‘Free Willy'”. You had to be there 🙂

The Krankies unfortunately went over my head. I just don’t really get the sense of humour where a 68 year old woman dresses up as a school boy and also as Madonna in her pointed bra. I think it left the audience just a little perplexed. Their interaction with John Barrowman was great though and I think it held their act together.

I really enjoyed the show and the special effects really made the show a spectacle. There was a 3D undersea experience, a large rat which comes out into the adience as well as a shark and a reindeer & sleigh. It was amazing!

I couldn’t go through this review without saying how great the support cast, dancers & singers were as well as the lighting & sound guys and the friendly in-house staff.

Other Information and Review

Review Score – 4/5

Location – Birmingham Hippodrome, Hurst St, Southside, Birmingham B5 4TB

Date Seen – Saturday 7th January 2017 (Matinee Performance)

Top Tips – Don’t sit in Row A of the Stalls. You will be picked on!

Where to Buy Tickets – Birmingham Hippodrome Website – Running until 29th January 2017


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