Derren Brown: Miracle – Wolverhampton Show Review

Derren Brown: Miracle – Wolverhampton Show Review

No spoilers – We were sworn to secrecy so others can enjoy the show. 

For Christmas I got my boyfriend two tickets to see Derren Brown’s new tour Miracle at the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre, hoping by some miracle he would take either a friend or family member to go see the show with him instead. Unfortunately for me, my boyfriend insisted I went with him and assured me that I would enjoy it. As I have never seen anything of Derren Brown’s work before (I have no idea how I’ve avoided it for so many years) I had no idea what was going to happen in the show.

So the day came around quite fast and I found myself nervously waiting for the show to begin with my hands shaking in case I got picked out of the audience, but thought I would be safe as I was sitting up in the balcony on the second row. How could he ever pick me to do anything this high up?

We waited for Derren to come onto the stage and as he did, the crowd went wild. Everyone sitting there in anticipation with excitement beaming from their faces waiting for the show to crack on, while I sat there like a nervous dog. He got the crowds attention immediately and did an exercise to engage everyone; and when the act came together, the sceptical me couldn’t help but admit I was impressed.

When I Got Picked

He went onto the next part of the show and then the dreaded moment struck! I was engrossed in watching Derren on the stage, a good 20 meters away from me; that I didn’t notice a man next to me with a box and a microphone. In that moment, a quick passing of excitement, fear, nervousness, happiness and once again fear overcome me. I did what was instructed at the far distance from Derren who was on the stage to me up in the balcony and was once again mind-blown with his talent.

I sat back down and the relief overcome me that I would probably not be picked out again during the show, but also that I didn’t fall over when I was asked to stand up while my face was up on a big screen on the stage.


All in all, I think I would say I would go and see the next Derren Brown tour, maybe in London next time, somewhere bigger preferably where I can do a better job of hiding in the audience.


If you fancy seeing Miracle before Derren’s tour ends, you can find all the details for his upcoming shows over at Derren Brown’s website.


Location – The Grand Theatre, Lichfield St, Wolverhampton WV1 1DE.

Date Seen – Monday 11th April 2016 (Evening Performance)

Review Score theatre-review-4-5

Top Seating Tips – If you don’t want to be picked to be part of the show, probably find a seat at the very back on the very top balcony (he does use a Frisbees to pick people out of the audience).



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