December Monthly Favourites and Overview

December Monthly Favourites and Overview

Hi Everyone, and welcome to my Monthly Favourites for December. We are finally here and how fast has December flown by? It has gone far too fast! December a super busy month for me, especially because I took part in Blogmas this year. If you don’t already know, there has been a Christmas Blogger Q&A Series running on my blog from 1st December until 24th December which housed 21 Guest Bloggers. This was all set into my Advent Calendar and as you can now see, all of the doors are open.

Other things happening this month are:

  • I did a Guest Blog post for my lovely friend Sarah from Just Buttons, in the form of a Q&A.
  • I reached over 1000 followers on Twitter.
  • I shopped and shopped in search of the most perfect Christmas presents.
  • I had my work Christmas party.
  • I managed to write and schedule numerous posts for after Christmas to continue my Blogmas series up until the New Year.
  • I cut my hair into a bob – this was so scary for me. I will write about it all soon.

December Monthly Favourites

Film – Rogue One

I can’t say that I’m a big fan of Star Wars, or that I have actually seen any. I have however seen The Force Awakens & Rogue One and enjoyed them both. Rogue One included all new characters (as far as I know), so there you really didn’t need to know about them to understand the story.

TV Show – The Apprentice

I love The Apprentice! It is so funny, educational and just plain-old entertaining. Also, at the BBC Good Food Show Winter, I actually met the winner of The Apprentice 2016 unbeknown to me (as it was only half way through the season). You can see a picture of me with Alana and all about the Good Food Show on my write-up.

Music – Adele – Water Under The Bridge

I have never been one of those people who adore’s Adele, but every-so-often I think one of her songs is good. With ‘Water Under The Bridge’ I find the song really catchy and something you can sing along to. I do actually like this song.

Christmas Song – Stevie Wonder – What Christmas Means To Me

This is a Christmas song which I always forget, but when I hear it every time without fail I will shout “I love this song, I forgot about it”. Isn’t Stevie Wonder just brilliant anyway?

Also, be sure to check out my Spotify Playlist full of Christmas songs.

Beauty – Charlotte Tilbury Sophisticate Eyeshadow Palette

So in my Christmas Letter to Santa, I actually asked for this gift. I actually cheated, sorry. I have already got this palette and love it so much. It has the right shade’s of brown for me and even a highlight colour. It creates so many different eye shadow looks and I love it!

Food & Drink – Hot Spiced Apple Juice

This month I discovered Hot Spiced Apple Juice and I fell it love. It is basically warm apple juice with cinnamon and other winter spices mixed in. It is perfect for those who don’t drink or fancy something different. Costa also do this in their stores, so make sure to stop off to try one.

Place To Be – Birmingham German Market

This month I have visited the Birmingham German Christmas Markets numerous times with either friends or family. These visits have either been on the way to somewhere else this year, but I love to stop off for my Hot Chocolate with Cream or a lovely Frankfurter Hot Dog. Yummy!


Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market 🎄🎅🏼⛄

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Clothing – Ear Muffs

One clothing item I cannot do without in winter are ear muffs. I suffer with bad ears so they are a necessity. Mine also have speakers in so they are headphones/ear muffs which make them super cool. I think so anyway.

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What did you do in December?

What did you get up to in December? Did you do anything fun? Do you suggest for me to go anywhere and do a blogpost on it? Please Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter or Instagram.


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