Sightseeing and Places to Visit in Liverpool 

Sightseeing and Places to Visit in Liverpool 

On Thursday 7th April at 9am, I got on the train and headed straight for Liverpool. Over the years I have heard that Liverpool is a great place to visit, but it was never a place that I had thought about going to for a day-trip as it is miles away from where I live. Until the beginning of April and I had a day off work, so my Mom and I thought that it would be great to go to Liverpool as she has visited there numerous of times before.

My Mom said that the train was unusually busy, and it wasn’t just down to being the Easter school holiday. Then we realised, this weekend that we went everyone was heading to Liverpool to visit Aintree. If you don’t know, and we didn’t before heading north, Aintree is where the UK’s Grand National (horse racing) takes place every year. Saying the train was hectic, when we got into Liverpool, it wasn’t that busy as everyone was getting off their train and heading out of the centre to Aintree, phew!

In this blogpost, I won’t go into a long story about where we went in Liverpool, but here is a snapshot of the places I went and recommend

The Places I Visited

Radio City Tower

You cannot miss The Radio City Tower which overlooks Liverpool and stands at 400ft tall. This was the first thing I saw on leaving Liverpool Lime Street Train Station and does look like a big UFO standing tall over Liverpool. I didn’t know this about the tower, but you can actually go inside for £5.50 (online booking price) and get a 360° view of Liverpool, Merseyside, the Wirral and North Wales. The Radio City Tower is home to the City’s Radio stations as well, which is where the name comes from I imagine.

Radio City Tower Liverpool

Royal Liver Building

This building is iconic to Liverpool and has 2 Liver Birds on the top of the building, overlooking the Mersey. As soon as I saw this building, it took me back 10 years to my childhood, where I used to watch The Liver Birds with my Mom while eating breakfast in the school holidays. I know what you’re thinking, I am only in my early 20’s and The Liver Birds is a 70s TV show, but the old shows are still the best. If you have ever watched the title sequence, you would have seen the Royal Liver Building numerous times.

Royal Liver Building

Albert DockMerseyside Maritime Museum

After sitting on the train for a few hours, the first place we headed to was Albert Dock to get some fresh air and stretch our legs. We walked straight through the city centre and followed the signs to the dock. I was very impressed that it was a straight line to get there and was all well sign-posted. Good work Liverpool.

When we got to Albert Dock, we had a walk around, took a few pictures and we smelt the sea air which was lovely. We noticed on the way in the Merseyside Maritime Museum, so decided to call in and take a look around. At the time they had an exhibition on Titanic, which was very interesting to have a look around.

Just around the corner, we saw many shops and places to eat in the Anchor Courtyard. We already knew we wanted to head back to the city centre to eat, but it would have been lovely to stop off and have some food overlooking the water.

Albert Dock is also home to many visitor attractions such as The Beatles Story and a few museums.

Albert Dock

Echo Arena

I didn’t go inside the Echo Arena, but I was amazed to see it when I stumbled across it just around the corner from Albert Dock. I walked around the outside of the arena and didn’t realise it was so big. I would love to go in and experience a show in the Echo Arena especially because there are some hotels nearby in the area and trains to Liverpool are easy to catch.

Echo Arena Liverpool

Cavern Club

Who hasn’t heard of the legendary Cavern Club? This is the one main reason tourists visit Liverpool, as it is where The Beatles started out. The Beatles played in the Cavern Club more than 300 times and made it a highly popular music venue. The Cavern Club is based in a back street and was a bit difficult to find, but street signs and Google maps were my friend. I didn’t go inside but did stop to take a look outside and all the number 1 records list just opposite the Cavern Club.

The Cavern Club Liverpool

City Centre (for shopping)

After going for a walk around Albert Dock and stopping off for some lunch, we decided to hit the shops. I tend to save shopping for the last part of the day, that way you don’t have to carry your bags for so long; and run the risk of losing them on your travels. We tended to stay in the outside city centre and visited some of the shops such as Cath KidsonLush, BHS, Boots and Primark. There are so many shops, you will run out of time to get around them all. You really could get away with having a whole day to do shopping.

I did get back on the train home with lots of shopping, oops.

Where do you recommend visiting in Liverpool?

So where do you recommend visiting in Liverpool? There is so much to see, and this blogpost only captured the parts I saw, so let me know via social media or the Contact Me page.


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