10 Thoughts We All Have When The Clocks Change

10 Thoughts We All Have When The Clocks Change

One thing I have hated since a child has to be when the clocks change, for some reason; my mind just cant get used to when the clocks change. In the UK we work on two time zones depending on the time of the year, which are Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and British Summer Time (BST).

As of the early hours of this morning (Sunday 30th October 2016), we are now in GMT and will be until our next time change which is the Sunday 26th March 2017).

Here are 10 thoughts that almost everyone will have when the clocks change:

10 Thoughts We All Have When The Clocks Change (GMT)

Oh, the clocks go back tonight…great!

Here’s to the next week when I can’t get used to what time it is.

Hold on, do we get an extra hour in bed then?

Let’s think about this. The rule goes Spring Forward and Fall Back. Right?

Ahhh an extra hour to snooze….bliss!

Think of how refreshed I will be in the morning. Ahhh, how wonderful!

Great, it’s only 7am and I am alert already. Why do you do this to me brain?

I was meant to be getting some quality sleep brain. Why you forcing me to wake up?

At least I can use this extra hour to get my blog writing done. Bonus!

I can use this time to my advantage here, how many posts can I write in a free hour?

Oh no, has my phone changed time automatically?

That thought when we think technology has failed us and not changed time.

No, we are ok. Got to love technology for having our back!

That sudden fear that all the clocks in the house are wrong, but worked out that since I was a teenager that technology is able to change all by itself. It’s like magic!

Just thought about this, and when I get out of work it will be dark!

Great! Will I ever get to see daylight again?

Well, I won’t be going out late from now on then until March!

I could of been out seeing friends until late in BST as it was light until 8, or I could have gone walking and to the gym.

Who am I kidding, I rarely go out after work anyway!

I am always so tired when I get home anyway, bring on a hot chocolate and a good TV show in bed any day.

Do you agree with any of these?

Do you like when the clocks change or not? I think the move to GMT is better than the move to BST but we do get more out of BST in the end.

Let me know your thoughts and whether you agree with any of these points in the comments below or on Twitter or Instagram.


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