Clinique: Superbalanced Silk Foundation Review

Clinique: Superbalanced Silk Foundation Review

After trying the Clinique: Chubby in the Nude Foundation Stick since April 2016 and nearing the end of my stick, I decided it was time to either re-purchase or try out another Foundation. I am one of those people who doesn’t like to change Foundation a lot as my skin tends to break out with certain ones. That’s why I headed back to Clinique to try out their new Superbalanced Silk Foundation.

Something I knew I wanted for Autumn is a Liquid Foundation or something with a bit more coverage than the Foundation Stick. However much I love it, and how long it lasted for; I wanted something with a bit more weight. Call me silly, but I feel a Liquid Foundation is like a cardigan in Autumn. It makes you feel a bit warmer on your face.

I am going to spilt this post up into the Pros and Cons of the Superbalanced Silk Foundation.


Feels Like Silk

I know the name of the Foundation has Silk in there, but before even reading the name I thought it felt like silk. The lady on the Clinique stand kindly applied the Foundation on for me and tested out the colours on my skin and it felt so smooth and moisturising.

You Only Need A Bit

A little bit of this foundation goes a long way. For £23, you want to know that you are getting value for your money. I use less than a 20p size for all my face.


For me, one layer of the Foundation is enough for me for work and just a general weekend out, but it is a very buildable coverage if you wanted to build it up for a night out.

Kind To Skin

I have very delicate skin when it comes to Foundations, not many don’t make my jawline break out in little spots. With Clinique Foundations, I don’t seem to have any issues. Lets hope it stays that way.

Includes a SPF

This Foundation has SPF 15 included in the formula. You may not think it is necessary for Autumn, but UV rays are still all around us and it is important to protect your skin.



One major downside to this foundation is regrettably the packaging. Don’t get me wrong, it looks high-end and it is stunning (and instagrammable), but it is impractical. For one it is a glass bottle and quite hefty if you are someone who does their makeup on the move or travels a lot.

Secondly, there is no pump! It is so difficult to get the Foundation out that of the bottle that it was taking me a good 5 minutes to actually get any of the Foundation out. I have ended up buying a little pot from Boots to try and decant some into so I can use it.

The lady in Clinique told me that storing the bottle upside down would help solve that issue. It doesn’t. Trust me. If anyone knows of any tips, I would love your advice please.


The RRP for this Foundation is £23 much like the other Clinique Foundations, but it is worth it if it lasts. Always ask if they are able to give you a trial though, I would hate to pay that much money to find out that the Foundation didn’t suit my skin. Clinique are currently offering a ten day trial of their Superbalanced Silk Foundation.

Have You Tried The Superbalanced Silk Foundation?

Have you tried this Foundation? What did you think and do you have any tips on how to get the Foundation out of the bottle? Please let me know in the comments below or on Twitter or Instagram.


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